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From Europe to Turkey, Turkey to entire Europe, Russia, all Central Asia countries, and Middle East;

Road transportation also allows you to benefit from transportation services with affordable costs. As Oden Logistics, we are offering you practical solutions in this area with our strong road transportation network.

Becoming prevalent with the improvement in international road transportation sector, road transportation allows timely and reliable delivery of your cargo, materials, and goods. When you choose road transportation, you can benefit from quick delivery facilities through an extensive transportation network.

There is no time limit for loading and discharging facilities. Transportation services are carried out on 24/7 basis. Goods with various volumes and sizes can be transported easily.

  • Partial or complete domestic and overseas cargo transportation.
  • Project and out of gauge loadings.
  • Heavy haul transportation

We Reach To Everywhere By Road

Road transport is the delivery of the products to the destination within the determined period of time by road with suitable vehicles. Road transport with motor vehicles such as trucks, buses and lorries is known as one of the most economical transport types for both goods and passengers. National and international rules, customs centers and rules, alternative roads, and terminals are important in road transport services. The products are delivered to the relevant address with a protocol made between the sender and the receiver in road transport. Therefore, highway laws, customs laws and technological developments are the issues that must be followed continuously in order for the sector to work efficiently.

Road transport can be classified as goods transport or people transport. It can also be called the only way of transportation to rural areas. Delivery of goods between cities, districts and streets is possible only by road transport. When it comes to transporting goods by road, the distance, the weight, volume, and type of goods help to determine the preferred vehicle type. Van is more suitable for short distances, light and small shipments while truck is suitable for long distances and heavy loads. Oden Logistics offers suitable solutions for your needs by taking into account the distance, the urgency, and volume of the cargo.

What is Road Transport?

Services regarding the transportation of the goods between the loading and unloading place via the road network are within the scope of road transport. The product transported by road, which can be reached almost everywhere, is delivered to the customer's address and warehouse. The availability of roads and the investments are important at this point. Compared to airline transport, the cost of road transport is lower. It is secured by insurance against the possibility of any damage, wear or loss of the transported products.

Logistics, which is directly related to almost all sectors, plays a significant role in gaining competitive advantage in the international markets. The strategic importance of logistics is increasing with the effect of transformation and new formations in world trade. The core of international logistics activities is to deliver products or services to target markets one step ahead of competitors, faster and more economically. At this point, it is important to know the diversity of logistics services, to recommend the right system for the right product, to highlight and use the advantages of each service. From this point of view, road transport, with its different advantages, plays a key role in both international and domestic transport activities today and is described as the capillary of the logistics system. Loading and unloading of the product is not a time-consuming process in road transport. It is a faster, easier to control, and less costly transportation for short distances compared to other types of transportation. we ensure that your products reach the destination point safely and efficiently, thanks to our advanced technology management system, comprehensive transportation and distribution infrastructure. For more information about road transport, you can contact our company from our phone numbers.

Road Transport Service

Road transport is one of the classical logistics types in the world. The shortening of the distances, the lack of extra expenses, the delivery to the door are the reasons for the preference of road transport. In addition, the road transportation area is wide; there is no problem finding suitable vehicles for the loads; it has a large fleet with a variety of vehicles in this sector. Road transport is necessary for airline and sea transport in order to deliver products to ports and airports. Some of the road transportation services are special cargo transportation of large-sized goods, chemical products, dangerous goods, temperature-controlled goods in refrigerated trucks and bulk goods transportation.

International road transportation is one of the safest options, because it does not require transfer of goods and provides direct route service from the point of departure to the destination. However, it may require longer delivery times unlike other types of transport. We produce practical solutions with road transport services from Turkey to all European, Russian, Central Asian, Middle Eastern countries and also from Europe to Turkey. Our road transport service includes a variety of services to improve delivery, such as partial or full loading and unloading of goods, palletization, transfer of goods and cross-docking.

Advantages of Road Transport

Road transport is still the most used type of transport when it comes to import and export in goods transport. There are almost no intermediaries in the road transport service, and therefore the probability of being lost is very low. Among the transport services for suppliers and enterprises in short and medium distances, road transport is the most preferred transportation option for people.

Road transport ensures that the transported goods are shipped from the appropriate points and as planned, thanks to its many advantages such as speed, flexibility and tracking shipments. In terms of capacity, road transport is a service type that safely uses many solid, gas or liquid products from kg to different tonnages. It is also more economical than other types of transport such as airline transport and rail transport. The journey takes less time, compared to rail and maritime transport. In addition to door-to-door and fast delivery services, other details such as storage and distribution are planned by Oden Logistics.

Our company, which provides road transport services, carries out the import and export process from all over Turkey and the world. When the distance between the destinations and the loading area is relatively short, the road transport service may be a better choice. Do not forget to get a price quote from our company, which offers transportation solutions suitable for your needs!

Disadvantages of Road Transport

Although road transport is the transport type having the highest accident rate, it is a fact that the transport company has invested heavily in minimizing risks by taking safety measures, renewing their fleet and training their drivers.

It enables much more limited transportation of goods than by ship, train or plane. Other alternatives may be required for larger quantities. In addition, road transport is slower than other transport types. However, considering the advantages and disadvantages of road transport, it should not be forgotten that it is cost-effective and faster in short and medium distances.

As the solution partner of our customers, we have aimed to meet the demands of our customers with the most innovative methods, to evaluate all the positive or negative feedbacks of our customers in order to improve our services and to provide better services, to comply with all relevant sectoral, national and international legislation and laws as our basic principle.

We do the right thing, keep our word, and transport confidently.

ODEN LOGISTICS INC. follows a customer-oriented approach where customers can easily convey their demands and dissatisfaction, are handled objectively, fairly, carefully and confidentially, and the necessary improvements and controls are constantly made to prevent similar dissatisfaction from occurring again.

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