We fly to anywhere in the world

Oden Lojistik A.Ş. aims offering the highest quality service with most affordable cost also in air transportation to its customers by quickly and safely accessing to any location in the world through its wide agency network and independent partners.

We are providing you contracted cargo transportation services by air at every airport in the world. In addition to the cost and other advantages it provides, air cargo transportation is also a service that you can use expeditiously.

We are generating practical solutions for the needs of our customers by offering air cargo transportation service, one of the most frequently preferred methods in the logistics sector.

We are offering you this service in order to reliably meet the needs of our customers preferring air cargo services. We are providing practical solutions for your cargo needs by carrying out our operations on the main lines.

You can use this service of ours by choosing any of airport to airport, door to airport, and airport to door options according to your needs. You can have your cargo transported at minimum time through air transportation.

We Fly To Anywhere In The World

Airline transport is often used for high value and low-toned shipments. Additionally, the interest in air transport is quite high due to reasons such as fast shipping, reliable service, wide agency network and less risk of damage.

As Oden Logistics, we provide our customers with air transportation service, which is the fastest vehicle of transportation and convenient for long distances, at advantageous prices. We continue to produce practical solutions for your needs thanks to our contracted airports all over the world.

What is Airline Transport?

Airline transportation, which is a gift of the 20th century to the world, has gained a great momentum and has become possible to transport almost every country in the world.

Technology has significant advances that make the airline profitable and completely safe. We make information sharing with you about important issues such as services required for import and export, destination. You can contact with our company immediately to get information about our air transportation services, which is one of the most common types of transportation among logistics services.

We ensure that your valuables are safely delivered from door-to-door with our wide vehicle fleet in air transportation, supply chain and agency network from all over the world. You can reach our company from our contact numbers for extremely fast and safe air transportation services.

Advantages of Airline Transportation

Transportation has a vital importance in the economies of the world countries. It also plays a role in the growth of the whole world. Like airline transport, all transport services aim to help products and goods move faster and safer. Airline transport is the fastest vehicle to transport people and goods.

The main purpose of air transport is not only to get people over long distances faster, but it also helps nations grow. The advantages that you can get uninterrupted transportation services, which are based on global trade and encourage economic growth, can be listed as follows:

High Speed ​​Delivery: The longer distance is covered, the more time you will need with other types of transport. For urgent needs, airline transport is the best solution offering the advantage of high-speed delivery.

Reliable Service: Considering the delivery and transportation route, airline transport is one of the safest transport types. It is very convenient to send expensive, light and perishable items.

Short Delivery Time: Since air transportation is a fast transportation method, which can reach places where other transportation vehicles cannot access, the delivery time of the goods will also be very short.

Consistency in Arrival and Departure Times: Since there is no obstacle that may affect the speed, departure and arrival are made via a direct route. Flights take place at the specified times and you can follow the delivery time of your products on time.

Wide Network for International Shipping: As Oden Logistics, we help enterprises reach more customers by being included in airline agreements of countries from all over the world.

High Availability: There are a lot of flights for cargo delivery in our company. You can get a quick response to your requests from our company for air transportation, which is one of the most demanded transportation vehicles today. Naturally, airline transport has disadvantages as well as advantages. Expensive service and limited capacity can be counted as disadvantages of airline transport. Flights may be delayed and shipment may be delayed for several hours or days in bad weather conditions. In such cases, our company will inform you in advance and give you the necessary direction.

Types of Airline Transportation

The type of transport may also vary depending on the type of cargo carried by airline transport. Perishable or small-volume products, live animals, medicines, valuables, and live organ transport among cargoes carried by air transport are counted as situations that require urgent delivery. Depending on the type of cargo or goods transported, the types of airline transport can be listed as follows:

General Cargoes include species that do not require special attention, especially textile products  while being transported, and are excluded from the category of live animals, dangerous goods and perishable foods.

Special Cargoes are the type of cargo that requires special handling and tracking throughout the entire transportation process. For airline transportation, it is observed that the demand for special cargo services is high. Live animals, wet, heavy, and valuable cargoes, ones at risk of loss and funerals are among the special cargo services.

Other Cargoes are services that require private labeling, packaging and loading operations. If you consider using airline transportation as a transportation method for your enterprise, you can get a price quote from our company.

Dangerous Goods Cargoes: You can rely on our company, which provides services with its expert team and experienced staff to ensure that the dangerous goods cargoes, which are considered in the high-risk group, can be transported safely and quickly to the address they need to reach without any problems.

Airline Transportation Service

Oden Logistics is a leading provider in airline transportation services and in meeting the cargo needs of domestic and foreign companies. Our pricing models in our air transport services, which enable you to secure your product, offer options depending on your time constraint and budget. It is possible to transport goods from one continent to another by airline companies whose priority is cargo and cargo transportation. You can take advantage of fast delivery options by taking international airline transportation service from our company. You can use the Oden Logistics phone number or Whatsapp line to get detailed information about airline transport.

Features of Airline Transportation Service

Oden Logistics, one of the experienced global providers of the transportation industry, facilitates the whole process for you. Specific transport agents can be negotiated or quoted. However, it should not be forgotten that well-established and experienced companies will offer the best solution.

Airline transport provides convenient, reliable and fast transportation services. It is seen as the cheapest way to transport expensive and sensitive products. It is also quite ideal for products requiring to be shipped urgently. Compared to other types of transportation, it can easily reach everywhere. It has an extensive airline network covering almost the entire world.

When it comes to import and export, you can choose Oden Logistics to get services in the type of transportation suitable for the characteristics of your product. If you have decided that airline transport is the right choice for your landing, you can evaluate our company's advantageous price offers.

As the solution partner of our customers, we have aimed to meet the demands of our customers with the most innovative methods, to evaluate all the positive or negative feedbacks of our customers in order to improve our services and to provide better services, to comply with all relevant sectoral, national and international legislation and laws as our basic principle.

We do the right thing, keep our word, and transport confidently.

ODEN LOGISTICS INC. follows a customer-oriented approach where customers can easily convey their demands and dissatisfaction, are handled objectively, fairly, carefully and confidentially, and the necessary improvements and controls are constantly made to prevent similar dissatisfaction from occurring again.

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