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Some transformations are taking place in transportation methods depending on the development of the logistics industry around the world. Partial transportation is a method coming to the forefront thanks to advances in the logistics sector and technology. At the same time, partial transportation is a method providing great advantages for buyers. The process of partial transportation is slightly different from other transportation methods.

In partial transportation, it is based on filling the empty parts in the loading area with the loads of different buyers. Thus, the cost of the transportation process is at lower levels. Partial transportation methods are very common both in our country and in the world. It is preferred in many regions such as İzmir, Ankara, Adana and Bodrum in our country.

Partial transportation method generally comes forward when there are empty parts in the loading area. Financial savings are achieved in this transportation method as the empty parts in the loading area are filled with different loads. If the loads do not fill the area, different loads transported to the same direction are also placed in this transportation. Therefore, a significant profit is made from the point of both time and cost. You can get detailed information by contacting us through our company.  

What is Partial Transportation?

Partial transportation is one of the transportation methods providing serious advantages to buyers and fulfilling expectations at the highest level. Partial means 'not whole, part'. Partial transportation method stands out in the logistics field thanks to its advantages and savings.

Partial transportation is a method in which the loads of different buyers and companies are loaded at the same time and transported in the form of a single freight. Therefore, it is an economically profitable method. Freights are mostly transported from one place to another by rail, road, seaway and airway.

Partial transportation methods are among the most preferred ones today. Loads are delivered to their destination in the shortest time possible thanks to this method providing great convenience in terms of economy. Service quality is also very important in partial transportation. You can benefit from the best quality partial transportation service by contacting us through our company.

How is Partial Transportation done?

The answer to this question is wondered. Firstly, the shipment type must be determined. There are both domestic and international shipments in partial transportation. The shipment made within the borders of our country is called intercity partial transportation service. But today, international partial transportation service to different countries is also very common.

Stages of partial transportation are reservation, planning, storage and shipping. When all these steps are fully implemented, partial transportation service is realized. Also, there are some criteria in this transportation method. These criteria are determined in regard to weight or cubic meters. Not only the weight of the cargo, but also its volume is of great importance in this transportation method.

The product to be shipped must be calculated in cubic meters. First of all, the width, length, height and quantity of the goods to be shipped are multiplied in the partial transportation service. As a result of this process, the cubic meter value of the load emerges. You can get detailed information and support about partial transportation by contacting our expert team through our company.

What are the Advantages of Partial Transportation?

There are many advantages of partial transportation to the buyer. This method of transportation is often preferred because of its advantages. Let's examine the advantages of partial transportation;

Businesses with a low amount of cargo required to be delivered to the buyer do not have to rent a complete vehicle thanks to partial transportation. The reason why the partial transportation service is one of the most prominent transportation methods is to provide significant monetary savings.

International transportation operations are gaining speed by the partial transportation method. Partial transportation stands out among the high-quality transportation methods on various routes such as sea, road, air and rail.

In partial transportation, there is no increase in the fee paid for the empty parts of the loading area. Payment is made as much as the area occupied by the cargo belonging to the buyer.

Filling the empty parts in the loading area with different loads does not only provide economic savings, but also saves on time for transporting different loads going in the same direction together.

Services are provided all over the world with this method offering transportation by all means.

Since the delivery time of the product is determined depending on the customer's request in direct or indirect transportation, a flexible and safe working environment is created.

You can benefit from our partial transportation services that we offer both in our country and around the world. You can contact us to take advantage of the partial transportation services, which provide high savings in terms of economy and time, in the best quality way. You can visit our company, which offers a safe transportation service.

Partial Transportation Prices

There are many factors determining partial transportation prices. There are fluctuations in prices depending on the wishes and requirements of the customers who benefit from the logistics service. At the same time, the content of the cargo also has a very decisive effect on the price. Partial transportation prices are determined in compliance with the region where the cargo are delivered, the weight and the size of the cargo.

One of the factors determining the price in partial transportation is the distance between the place where the cargo departs and the region it needs to reach. The length of the distance plays an important role in determining the cost of transportation. One of the biggest advantages of intercity partial transportation is to transport different loads of different buyers by a single vehicle. In this way, transportation service is provided at less cost.

Partial transportation is time saving as well as less costly. In this way, the products are transported in a shorter time. You can easily benefit from partial transportation, which is one of fast and reliable transportation services, both within the country and throughout the world. You can get quality transportation service by contacting us through our company. You can get detailed information about partial transportation service by contacting our expert team.

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