Public and private enterprises import from abroad in order to meet their raw material, resource, product or service needs. The concept of import that is very important for companies and countries is frequently used in the domestic and foreign markets. Import consultancy companies provide services for ones who want to import in the international market and to get professional help. It is useful to get the help of an import consultant who is an expert in the field for the smooth and rapid progress of the company image and import transactions.

What is Import?

Import is the purchase of the product or the goods produced outside the borders of the country, and bringing them to the country. Import can be briefly defined as "buying from abroad". Together with "export", it creates foreign trade and balance. There are certain procedures for natural or legal person(s) to import. Import has certain limitations and rules, that’s why anyone cannot import from abroad as they wish.

Looking at the first 5 months of 2021; Russia (1,557 million $), Brazil (672 million $), Ukraine (383 million $), USA (335 million $), Malaysia (321 million $) stand out as the top 5 importing countries. Imports with these 5 countries comprise 47 percent of total imports. Among the most imported products; gold, automobiles, cast iron-steel waste and scraps, parts and accessories for road vehicles, petroleum products, wheat, crude sunflower oil and soybean.

Organizations, institutions or enterprises wanting to import need to know the Turkish Commercial Code, Customs Law, regulations and communiques and follow the updates. Customs and import procedures require experience and professionalism. There is no room for the slightest error. For this reason, it will be beneficial for you to get import consultancy assistance.

What is Import Consultancy?

Trade between countries has become easier and faster in the globalizing world. Companies and enterprises meet their raw material and resource needs from anywhere in the world. Import consultancy is the service of guiding, executing and following the process for institutions, organizations or companies aiming to trade from abroad. The biggest problems of new companies which don’t have experience on import transactions in the international markets are that they don’t have full knowledge of foreign market, they don’t take the quality/cost opportunity, wasting time, and the process of bringing products to the country uneventfully. It is best for companies to work with an import and export consultancy firm that provides import consultancy services in order to avoid problems such as time and cost loss in the process of market research, agreement and bringing the product to the country. Services of import consultancy;

  1. It conducts market research on the product to be imported.
  2. It determines the most advantageous manufacturer and the meeting is arranged. It participates in the meeting as a participant or authorized person.
  3. It makes all the details about the product to be purchased into a file.
  4. It sets the shipping process of the purchased product and follows it up.
  5. While the product is brought to the country, it controls the documents coming from abroad in the import customs procedures.

Who Can Import?

Who can import is clearly stated in Article 8 of the Import Regime Decision. Accordingly, every natural and legal person having a tax number in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Procedure Law is the person authorized to make legal savings based upon the provisions of the current legislation. In short, if you have a tax number, there is no obstacle for you to import. You do not need to get any special permits or documents other than the tax number.

Tax numbers are not required for imports based on special agreements, imports of books and other publications, and imports of goods that are allowed for retail sale in international fairs and exhibitions opened in our country.

Differences Between Import and Export

  1. Import means the purchase of goods from abroad; export is the sale of goods to abroad.
  2. Import is to meet the demand for goods that are not available in the country; export is to increase its market share and global presence.
  3. High import level is the indicator of strong domestic demand; A high export level is the indicator of foreign trade surplus.

Import Consultancy Fees

There are import-export consultancy firms operating in the foreign trade market. These companies provide services for a certain fee. The import consultancy fee varies depending on the size and process of the service provided between companies. Since these prices are standard, the company's pre-import, process and post-import services depend on mutual agreement. You can learn about the import consultancy fee and choose what kind of service you expect from our company's website. You can talk to the interested person and ask your questions.

China Import Consulting

As the growing and developing big market of the Far East, China maintains its attractiveness not only for Turkey but also for all countries of the world. The low cost of the Chinese market enables natural and legal persons to turn their way to this side for imports. Import consultancy firms that dominate this market and manage the process correctly are on duty for those who want to import from China. It is enough to tell the company about the products and their features you want to import. The firm identifies the most advantageous producer by conducting detailed research in the Chinese market. Thus, it saves you from time and cost loss.

China Import Consultancy Fees

If you want to import from China, you should first choose an experienced, expert and professional import-export consultancy firm dominating this market. The consultancy fee varies depending on the service quality and size of the firm.

  • Detailed product-producer-price sector,
  • Cost feasibility,
  • Factory-safety approval,
  • Shipping service,
  • Door, Warehouse or Factory delivery,
  • Visits to the fair or factory are charged separately.

Import Consulting Companies

Importing from any country, especially China, is a difficult and sensitive process. Which goods are allowed to be imported, which documents are to be submitted to the customs administration, customs duty, shipping and customs clearance are processes that require expertise and professionalism.

Import is very important in order to meet the domestic market needs. Even if all people or enterprises know the process, they can make mistakes because the legislation is constantly changing and updating. Since the import and customs process does not accept the slightest fault, it is best to work with companies that are expert and experienced in this business. The slightest fault causes loss of time, cost and reputation. 

As the solution partner of our customers, we have aimed to meet the demands of our customers with the most innovative methods, to evaluate all the positive or negative feedbacks of our customers in order to improve our services and to provide better services, to comply with all relevant sectoral, national and international legislation and laws as our basic principle.

We do the right thing, keep our word, and transport confidently.

ODEN LOGISTICS INC. follows a customer-oriented approach where customers can easily convey their demands and dissatisfaction, are handled objectively, fairly, carefully and confidentially, and the necessary improvements and controls are constantly made to prevent similar dissatisfaction from occurring again.

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