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At Oden Logistics, we also offer international customs clearance services for the needs of our customers. We are offering fast and effective warehousing and customs clearance service through our broad partner and agency relationships at abroad.

We are aiming to expedite the legislation and to lessen the relevant burden of our customers through our information network we gain with the import operations of our customers.

We are providing you with our customs clearance services by acting quick, but not hasty, with our experience, reliable and responsive team taking love and respect as the basis of human affairs.

Customs clearance is the service of conducting business and transactions with the state in the transit of products or services from customs areas during import or export transactions with a foreign country. Essentially, the goods under customs’ watch are subjected to a "customs-approved transaction or use" specified in the Customs Law. These transactions are that the goods are subjected to customs procedure, placed to a free zone, their destroying, re-exporting or leaving at the customs. The definition of customs transactions covers these transactions.

Customs procedures such as exporting, importing, subjecting the goods to internal or external processing regime, temporary importation, transit, and warehousing are transactions that have different procedures from each other. Customs consultancy companies provide customs clearance services. After giving a power of attorney to the customs brokers in order to carry out the customs clearance transactions, the customs brokers act on their own behalf and act in the customs administrations on behalf of the person who gave them the power of attorney.

Before starting all business and transactions, the most important issue for customs clearance services is to obtain information from a customs clearance company that is an expert in the field and has a certificate of authority. It should not be forgotten that a wrong transaction will cause more expense and time loss. Let Oden Logistics facilitate the customs clearance process for you. Our experienced customs clearance import and export specialists will help you speed up your product's arrival time to market, keep shipping costs under control, and remove the barriers and hassles of customs issues.

Import Customs Clearance

One of the essential stages for foreign trade companies is import customs clearance. Carrying out the import activities with professional customs clearance firms provides very important contributions to the companies. Declaring information and documents related to the activities to government agency and organizations, following the process, how to follow in case of any negative or missing documents are among the services provided by customs clearance companies. In this context, we carry out the customs clearance works and transactions of our business partners in accordance with the Customs Law, and provide our services with the awareness that your time is valuable.

Export Customs Clearance

We maintain our sensitivity and meticulousness in import customs clearance transactions as well in export customs clearance transactions. As it is known, transactions subjected to export should be carried out with no problems in limited time frames. We aim to use the process in the most efficient way for our business partners and to provide regular measurement and evaluation processes at certain periods. Export department of Oden Logistics continues to stand by its customers with expert and experienced teams that follow the export process.

Customs Brokerage Services

The definition of customs broker is in the law as follows; “It is the person who carries out the business follow-up by indirect extension in the customs declarations, with the notarized power of attorney given by the owner of the goods, in line with the authority granted by the Ministry.” Customs brokers act on their own behalf but as a representative of someone else through indirect representation within the scope of customs clearance services. Customs brokers are obliged to declare that they are acting on behalf of the represented person and to submit the representation authorization certificate to the customs administrations. They not only follow the customs process as stated in the definition, but also provide consultancy services including the taxpayers for any transaction subject to foreign trade.

Firms providing consultancy services are the most important supporters of foreign trade in matters concerning the import and export of companies. Knowledge, experience and a good team spirit are required criteria in consultancy services. We provide our customs consultancy services to our customers with the experience and knowledge of our expert team, and help you to realize the customs clearance process in the fastest way.

Oden Logistics carries out its customs consultancy services meticulously on behalf of business partners in the directorates of the Ministry of Commerce, official institutions and organizations. In addition to import and export customs clearance, we also provide the services listed below:

  • Transit Trade Transactions
  • Warehouse Operations
  • International Shipment
  • Postal Customs Procedures
  • Free Zone Operations
  • Disposal Procedures
  • Exemption and Exception from Customs Taxes
  • Duty Drawback
  • Returned Goods Transactions
  • Outward Processing
  • Internal Processing
  • Re-Export Transactions
  • Abandonment to Customs
  • Processing Regime under Customs Control
  • Transit Regime Transactions
  • Transactions Regarding the Goods to be Liquidated
  • Border Trade Transactions
  • Commercial Invoice

Advantages of Customs Clearance Services to Companies

Customs clearance services save time for companies. It facilitates access to basic benefits such as compliance with laws and procedures, business and transaction follow-up, and timely and complete execution of necessary controls. Moreover;

  • It reduces costs and working capital allied to supply chains by optimizing the use of free trade agreements and reimbursement regimes.
  • It helps to use the strategic outsourcing of customs operations and to be managed third-party agency clearances.
  • It provides applications to support useful customs regimes, licenses and other resources.
  • It enables contact with countries of origin.

To learn more about customs clearance procedures and customs consultancy, you can contact our team by using the communication channels on our website, and send your questions and problems.

As the solution partner of our customers, we have aimed to meet the demands of our customers with the most innovative methods, to evaluate all the positive or negative feedbacks of our customers in order to improve our services and to provide better services, to comply with all relevant sectoral, national and international legislation and laws as our basic principle.

We do the right thing, keep our word, and transport confidently.

ODEN LOGISTICS INC. follows a customer-oriented approach where customers can easily convey their demands and dissatisfaction, are handled objectively, fairly, carefully and confidentially, and the necessary improvements and controls are constantly made to prevent similar dissatisfaction from occurring again.

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