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In today's world, since the channels of reaching customers are more diverse, global trade continues more quickly and flexibly. In addition, the heavy working hours and official procedures brought by import and export operations create a serious burden for companies. We carry out the import/export operations of your products on your behalf within our own Foreign Trade company and save you from all these official transactions, internal procedures and foreign trade personnel costs. You just focus on your sales, it's our job to shoulder all the rest of your burdens.

Foreign trade consultancy is very important for companies to take a role in the international trade arena by guiding them. Foreign trade consultancy, which provides professional support, helps companies manage their import or export processes and follow developments.

What Does a Foreign Trade Consultant Do?

International trade consultants play an important role in protecting the corporate identity and image of companies in the international market. The foreign trade consultant working within the import-export consultancy firm takes this important role. In general, the foreign trade consultant enables private companies and public institutions to operate in the international market. The duties of the foreign trade consultant can be listed as follows;

  • Providing consultancy on international business development and marketing.
  • Researching foreign financial markets, international investment opportunities, competitors and their business practices.
  • Support on how to contact with foreign companies.
  • Performing the analysis of goods and services in demand on a global scale.
  • Following the laws, regulations and updates regulating import and export.
  • Dominating the supply chain of the service and product subject to foreign trade.

What is Foreign Trade Consultant?

A foreign trade consultant is a person who guides companies with expertise, provides support, and ensures that the process proceeds quickly and safely. It is the biggest helper of companies that want to increase their market share in the global economy and to revive the country's economy with imports or exports.

In addition to being a foreign trade consultant, it is sufficient to obtain a certificate from private education institutions or universities for foreign trade consultancy as well as business or economics graduates. There is no statutory curriculum in this field. The certificate alone is not enough for foreign trade consultancy. Also the person who wants to become a foreign trade consultant should;

  • do the risk analysis very well.
  • dominate foreign policies that affect the international market.
  • use the database systems very well.
  • have leadership qualities.
  • be able to adapt to a busy schedule.
  • have high verbal and written communication skills.
  • have analytical thinking skills.
  • know english very well.

How To Do Foreign Trade Consultancy?

All companies being in the international market or wanting to enter the international market don’t have a Marketing and Foreign Trade Department. Companies that want to manage the import, export and customs processes correctly work with foreign trade consultancy firms, located in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir.

Foreign trade basically has 3 stages as export, import and transit trade. If you want to enter the market or increase your market share, you can first work with one of the professional and expert foreign trade consultancy companies in this field.

You contact the foreign trade consultancy firm you have determined. You explain your company profile, expectations and which market you want to be in. Market research is done in line with the available data. The process works differently depending on import or export. If you want to import, the most suitable manufacturer is; If you want to export, the appropriate customer is researched.

After the customer and the market are found, the order, preparation of products and goods, shipping and customs procedures are started and Necessary documents for transportation and customs procedures are prepared.

Foreign Trade Consultancy Services

Foreign trade consultancy provides services to private companies and public institutions of all categories that want to enter the international market. In general, import export consultancy companies offer the following services;

  • Researching market
  • Email tracking in foreign language
  • Finding potential customers
  • Managing and tracking the import or export process
  •  Preparing the necessary documents, and ensuring the fast and smooth progress of customs procedures
  • Researching the governmental incentive support
  • Following the domestic or international shipping organization
  • Ensuring the protection of corporate policy and information at the highest level throughout the entire process.

Foreign Trade And Consultancy

Foreign trade is the operation of enterprises and institutions in international markets. Consulting is the provision of professional help and support by experts for these enterprises and institutions. The consultant not only gives you information about international trade, but also supports you in conducting the process correctly. Foreign trade companies that want to make their name in the international market and consolidate their position can enter the international competition solidly thanks to import and export consultancy.

Foreign Trade Consultancy Fees

Export and import consultancy firms, which provide consultancy services to businesses on foreign trade, do these services for a certain fee. Export and import consultancy fees vary depending on the service provided, company profile, and company policy.

If you want to get the most suitable service that is suitable for your company profile and your goal, you can contact our company, which offers professional services in foreign trade consultancy. You can visit our company's website, examine it, and contact the call line. You can explain your expectations and learn the most ideal price for you.

Example of Foreign Trade Consultancy Agreement

In order to provide service and support, foreign trade consultancy firms have to sign a consultancy contract with the relevant company. This contract shows the duties, responsibilities and obligations of both sides. The services to be provided by the consultancy firm are written item by item in the contract.

Oden Logistics is with you, if you want to get your company into the foreign market, develop your company and reach your goals with foreign trade consultancy. We are only as close as a phone, you can contact our team for detailed information and service.

As the solution partner of our customers, we have aimed to meet the demands of our customers with the most innovative methods, to evaluate all the positive or negative feedbacks of our customers in order to improve our services and to provide better services, to comply with all relevant sectoral, national and international legislation and laws as our basic principle.

We do the right thing, keep our word, and transport confidently.

ODEN LOGISTICS INC. follows a customer-oriented approach where customers can easily convey their demands and dissatisfaction, are handled objectively, fairly, carefully and confidentially, and the necessary improvements and controls are constantly made to prevent similar dissatisfaction from occurring again.

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