Cubic Meter is a value that calculates the size and weight of the goods to be sent during the shipping. When calculating shipping costs, the volumetric weight of the product to be sent is used. It is very important for all companies, especially e-commerce, that send their products by cargo, because it has a direct effect on pricing. 

What is Volumetric Weight or Cubic Meter (CBM)? How to Calculate Cubic Meter

There are some processes that all companies engaged in or about to do e-commerce are in and have to be in. In general, these processes are known as the logistics processes of the products to be shipped and the required operations. These operation processes cover all the details such as business process, product supply, financial processes or service.

Logistics is the stages which include all the stages from the first production stage to the consumer. These stages are transportation, distribution, and storage. When it comes to e-commerce, the shipping processes included in these stages are extremely important. The most curious point of all companies related to cargo processes is how to calculate Cubic Meter.

Volumetric weight has an important place especially for companies engaged in e-commerce. Because companies pay shipping charges by calculating Cubic Meter. This situation has an impact on companies to determine the overall cost of a product. Shipping fees are also important for cost competitiveness with competitors in the market, as they directly affect the cost of products.

How to Calculate Cubic Meter

Shipping costs are one of the issues that all companies dealing with e-commerce have the most problems with in terms of budget and cost. Because the amounts paid for shipping cause an increase in the overall cost of the product. When the price of the product increases, naturally, there is a decrease in the rate of sale.

E-commerce companies send the products they sell at a more affordable price by making a cargo. This provides an advantage for companies as it reduces the cost of the product. This increases the sales rate of the product and customer satisfaction.

The term Cubic Meter in cargo means "cost". This measure, which is used to calculate the price of the product to be shipped, shows that the volume of the product to be transported is as important as its weight.

If you want to calculate the volumetric weight of the product while you are shipping your products, you need to use some calculation tools and methods. You can find the weight of the cargo to be sent by multiplying and dividing. The volumetric weight calculation formula is that the dimensions of the cargo to be sent, the width, height and height, should be multiplied. When we divide the result by 3000, the Cubic Meter of the product is calculated.

Volumetric Weight Calculation Formula: (Width x length x height) + 100

With this formula, you can easily calculate the volumetric weight of the product to be shipped. If you don't want to waste time calculating the volumetric weight every time, you can create the Volumetric Weight Calculation Excel Table and calculate the volumetric weight of the shipment in a more professional way. You do not need to waste a lot of time for volumetric weight calculation with this table. You can automatically calculate the height, width and length of the package by filling in the table.

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