What is Freight?

Freight is frequently used in the field of maritime transportation. The concept of freight also gets involved in road and airline transportation. Freight means shipping cost. It is frequently encountered in the purchase and sale sector. It is actually the service fee occuring during maritime transportation.

What is the Freight? How is the Freight Calculated?

Freight was a concept used only in maritime transport in the early days, but it now appears in airline and road transportation as well. Therefore, its new definition means 'the price charged for loads on any transportation vehicle'. It is extremely efficient because it is considered a commercial agreement. Its cost is borne by the buyer or the shipper of the goods. The cost calculation differs depending on type of load and transportation.

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How to Calculate Freight?

In recent years, freight is not only limited to maritime transportation, but it is also used in airline and road transportation, and how to calculate freight has come to the forefront. The first step to calculate freight is that the seller or the buyer determines the transportation type. The reason for this is that transportation costs are different in airline, maritime and road transportation. Accordingly, it is necessary to determine the type of transportation before the calculation process.

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Freight Calculation in Airline Transportation

Freight calculation varies depending on the type of transportation. One of the biggest factors in the prominence of airline transport is to save time. Airline transportation is the ideal choice in cases that the goods need to be reached to the buyer in a shorter time. For example, air comes to the forefront in the transportation of goods with material value, perishable products, and chemicals. Purpose of this is to provide the necessary safety conditions.

The categories of load are determined before calculating the freight in airline transportation. Different calculation methods appear depending on the categories of load such as valuables, chemical substances. After the category of the load is determined, features such as whether the load is stackable or not, its material dimensions, volume weight and gross weight are taken into account. The price is determined based on these factors.

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Freight Calculation in Road Transportation

Road transport is one of the most preferred transportation types for many years. Different aspects are taken into account to calculate freight in road transportation. There are two different calculating models in road transportation; full load transportation and partial load transportation. The distance between the point of departure and the destination is taken into account in road transportation. Different pricing is applied depending on this distance and destination-based demands.

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Freight Calculation in Maritime Transportation

Freight calculation used to appear in maritime transport when it first came to the forefront. The calculation of the concept of freight, which draws attention with maritime transportation and is used both by road and airline, varies over time. Loads that are more bulky and occupy a large space can be transported easily in maritime transportation. Accordingly, maritime transport is often preferred for loads that are not appropriate for other types of transportation.

Freight calculation varies in maritime transportation in regard to transportation alternatives such as container, partial load and Ro-Ro. At the same time, the weight of the load and the distance are also highly effective on pricing.

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