It is necessary to answer the "What is the export regime?" in detail in order to have information about the export regime. The export regime is the whole of the legislation and practices regarding the exports of the countries. In other words, it is the legislation that will be applied when the goods in free circulation go out of the customs territory, out of the country, for export purposes.

What is the Export Regime, Who are the Parties?

What is the export regime?  Who are its parties?

All details about exports in Turkey are specified in various legislation. There is even an Export Regime Decision for these legislations. The Export Regime Decision is sometimes renewed and many notifications are presented on this subject. It is free to export all kinds of goods in Turkey with laws, regulations and international or bilateral agreements. Customs procedures regarding the goods exported from the customs territory in Turkey are declared to the customs administrations. Afterwards, the trade policy measures and customs duty of the export transaction are applied. In the case of exclusion of countries that do not have a payment and trade agreement in the export transaction from the Turkish customs territory, the current trade policy measures are valid. The Export Regime Decision in Turkey is in effect with the Decision of the Council of Ministers.

Documents may also differ according to the export country. There are many different procedures such as under the US Treaties and under the Canadian Treaties. In Turkey, some products for export are subject to the permission of many institutions such as the National Defense Ministry, Health Ministry, Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade, Environment Ministry, Agriculture Ministry.

It is mandatory to comply with these procedures in order to export to many countries.

What are the Documents Required in the Export Regime?

Many documents used in export are as follows:

Shipment Document

Insurance Certificate

Commercial Invoices

Freight Invoices

Other documents

Shipment Document

This document is necessary for train transport, ship transport and air transport. It is a document stating that the goods have been received for transportation and will be delivered to the person who needs to reach them. In this document, there should be many information such as the signature of the person issuing the document, the identity information of the transporter, the type of goods, the name of the captain, the identity information of the shipper, the name of the ship, the port of destination. This information is generally used in maritime transport. Freight bills are generally used in road transport.

Insurance Certificate

In international trade, commercial goods must be insured against risks. The insurance document is used in export transactions in the form of CI or CIF. It is prepared by the exporter on behalf of the importer with the information received by the importer.

Commercial Invoices

Commercial invoices are divided into invoices, proforma invoices and original invoices.

Invoice: Invoices are the documents showing the quality, unit sales price, total price and quantity of the goods sold. It is filled by the seller and given to the buyer.

Proforma Invoice: It is an informative invoice that is prepared by the exporter during the contract and includes the unit price, features of the product and sales conditions.

Original Invoice: The original invoice is the invoice that is filled after the sales transaction has been completed.

Freight Invoice

Freight invoices are invoices paid by the vendor on CIF and CF sales. The freight amount can be included in the price of the product or it can be prepared separately from the product price.

Other Documents

Different documents may sometimes be mandatory depending on the legislation of different countries, the sales contract and the type of goods. Some of these documents are:

Certificate of Origin: It is the document showing that the certificate of origin has been approved by the Chamber of Commerce of which the exporter is a member, and that the exported goods are produced in the country. This document is subject to the Law on Fees.

ATR Movement Certificate: ATR Movement Certificate is issued for exports to European Union countries. These documents are issued by the customs administration of the exporting country. It enables the exporter to benefit from the customs discount. The document is certified by the customs office of the exporting country.

EUR.1 Movement Document: It is a document required for exports between Turkey and EFTA countries within the scope of the Free Trade Agreement. It is issued in the export of iron and steel products made by Turkey with the European Union within the scope of the Free Trade Agreement. . This document is approved by exporters' associations such as the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey.

Health Certificate: It is the document that shows the conformity of the goods to be exported with health conditions. The competent departments of the universities or the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Affairs can issue the health certificate.

Analysis Report: Some foods require certain assays. It is the report mostly given by universities for chemicals and foods that need analysis.

Package Contents List: This is the list required by customs and insurance companies in case of damage. It is arranged if the products in the parcel do not fit into the invoice.

Who Are the Parties in the Export Regime?

There are four parties in the export regime. . These are the importer, the bank with which the importer has an account, the exporter and the bank with which the exporter has an account. There is a bank between the buyer and the seller. When the necessary conditions and qualifications are met for both parties, it is determined that the seller will get the money and the buyer will get the goods he wants.

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