The Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) is an international status that offers certain conveniences and privileges in customs procedures and has safety and security standards. It is necessary to apply to the customs administration and fulfill the conditions determined by the ministry for the Status of Authorized Economic Operator, which meets the standards of companies from financial adequacy issues to safety and security.

Who is Eligible for Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Status?

All kinds of companies engaged in international trade can have the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Status.  However, companies must meet certain requirements before applying for AEO. These requirements include factors such as financial adequacy, compliance with customs regulations and safety and security standards. Companies can apply for AEO status by submitting documents showing that they meet these conditions. Companies applying for AEO status must meet the specified conditions, regardless of their size or market.

What is the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Status?

Persons applying to the customs administration must meet all of the following requirements. If the conditions are suitable, the company can have the Authorized Economic Operator Status.

Persons applying to the customs administration must:

  • provide the conditions related to safety and security,
  • fulfill the financial adequacy requirements,
  • be resident in the Turkish Customs zone, including free zones,
  • operate for a at least 3 years,
  • have traceable and reliable business records,
  • be reliable,
  • have transactions covered by at least 100 declarations in the previous year.

Which Authorizations Can Companies with Authorized Economic Operator Certificate Have?

Companies with Authorized Economic Operator Status can have the following authorizations if they request and fulfill the conditions:

Authorized recipient

On-site customs clearance for imports

On-site customs clearance for export

Only foreign trade companies can have the authorizations above. In addition, transport companies can have recipient authority. Necessary inspections are carried out by the relevant ministry in order to have these authorizations. After approval, the authorizations are included in the certificate.

What are the Advantages of the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate?

Companies that provide international transportation services or engage in foreign trade with the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate have priority right of passage at custom gates. These companies also have priority in inspection and control. These companies also have priority for inspection and check-in. This priority applies only when it is necessary.

Authorized Economic Operator Certified companies have on-board transaction opportunities that do not vary according to the type of goods. In addition, there are conveniences in customs procedures. Thus, it is possible to export with on-site customs clearance. It also has advantages such as being able to issue a circulation form, benefit from partial guarantee application, issue invoice statement, EUR-MED invoice statement.

What are AEO-I and AEO-II Statuses?

Some companies are granted AEO I and AEO II status within the scope of the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate.  The purpose of these statutes is to provide some facilities to exporting manufacturing companies. They have advantages such as easier customs procedures and less document check-in.

For this, the following conditions must be met:

It is necessary to be a manufacturer for AEO-I Status. In addition, it is necessary to export $5 million and employ 50 workers  or the company should export only $10 million.

The company must be a manufacturer for AEO-II Status. Also the company must export $1 million and employ 30 workers or it must export $5 million.

What is On-Site Customs Clearance for Export?

In some cases, companies get permission to clear customs at their facilities. In such cases, it is not obligatory for companies to present the goods to the customs administration. After the company performs the customs procedures at its own facility, the goods are delivered directly to the customs administration. For this, the following conditions must be met:

At least five million FOC/US dollars of actual exports must have been made in the year preceding the year in which the application was made, or within one year from the first day of the month in which the application was registered.

The company must have the necessary equipment for the storage, unloading, inspection and sampling of the product.

Exports made through the applicant's capital company and group exporter are not taken into account.

While applying the on-site customs clearance permit for export, the permit holder can transport the goods with any carrier.

What are the Obligations of the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate?

The Authorized Economic Operator Certificate has some obligations. The form is updated every 5 years.  It should indicate the current status of the certificate holder. After the update, it is submitted to the local administration.

At the end of every twelve months after the date of issue of the certificate, it should be checked whether the company has properly fulfilled the customs procedures. Accordingly, an annual report should be prepared. The number of declarations to be included in the activity report should not be less than fifty. In addition, the prepared declaration must be at least 5% of the total number of declarations. The certificate holder must present some documents. Therefore, the company is subject to a preview activity every five years. Finally, some check-ins are included in the customs procedures carried out by authorized obligated parties.

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