While the international logistics sector, which is developing day by day, comes up with up-to-date and fast solutions, it is necessary to provide the best quality, fastest and most reliable way with low costs. However, the stage of transportation of the goods, which is the most cost-effective factor, is evaluated in terms of being cost-effective, especially in overseas distances. In general terms, firms, companies and organizations prefer sea transport because it is more cost-effective, while performing the transfer they need. Our company also offers its customers the option of sea transportation in order to meet the needs of the sector within the scope of 100% satisfaction.

Why Are Sea Transportation Prices More Affordable Compared to Other Transportation Types?

Sea transportation, which has been used most widely in the process since the beginning of the transportation industry, is preferred because of its lower costs. Tons of kilograms of goods can be transported safely by sea. This type of transportation is used all over the world for long-distance loaded transfers. Sea transportation, which is also described as container transportation, appears in two different types as tramp and liner.

Types of Sea Transportation

The important thing in Tramp transportation, which is carried out between two ports and is not dependent on a specific date or time, is the presence of cargo. It can also be defined as the way in which products such as timber, oil, mines, coal fill all or a significant part of the ship while being transported.

Another type of maritime transportation is Liner transportation. Contrary to Tramp transportation, where the criterion of the presence of the load is important, it is the type of transportation where the service is important. Logistics companies, in the case of Liner transportation, tell their customers when to take off, the arrival time and the ports in advance. On the date the ship docked at the port, it is transferred to the address to which it will go, via the carrier company. Fare basis liner transportation has become an important type of the rapidly developing transportation sector in recent years.

In today's logistics industry, the transfer of half of the goods covering international trade is provided by sea transportation. Despite its affordable cost, it also has many advantages. Shipments with heavy loads can be transferred safely, and all goods, both sensitive and non-sensitive, can be transferred by sea transport. As Oden Logistics, we can find solutions to all transfer needs of our customers by sea transportation.

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