One of the most curious questions about international trade or transportation is "What is Reverse Logistics?" Reverse logistics can be expressed as the reverse of logistics stages.  Mostly, reverse logistics starts not with delivering the product to the consumer, but with the customer sending or returning the product to the company.

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In short, reverse logistics processes cover all the stages required for the product to be included in the recycling process. Therefore, reverse logistics covers all lolistic activities from used products that are no longer needed by the end user to products that can be reused in the market.

What are the Fields of Reverse Logistics?

With reverse logistics studies, companies can meet many needs. We can list the application areas of reverse logistics as follows:

Identifying damaged or incorrectly delivered products

If there are errors or omissions in the quality control process, they are detected,

If there are products under warranty returned from the customer, stocks are arranged accordingly,

Overproduction products are detected,

Incorrect operations are detected while packaging or transferring the products,

If harmful substances are used in the production of the product depending on the legal regulations, it is very important to evaluate the recycling.

Types of Reverse Logistics

Especially big companies manage reverse logistics comprehensively. We can say that the reason for this is the high returns in big companies. So reverse logistics has different types. Reverse logistics can be categorized as follows:

Production-related returns: It covers all of the problems that occur during the production.

Distributor-related returns: Returns covering the process from the producer to the consumer. It covers all the processes that take place from the packaging step of the products to the transportation step.

Customer-related returns: It covers all the returns from the consumer after the product reaches the consumer.

Reverse logistics is generally beneficial economically, ecologically and legally. Laws may mandate the proper disposal and recall of products. With environmentally friendly production, reverse logistics can be applied to benefit nature and the economy.

What is the Importance of Reverse Logistics?

Reverse logistics has been adopted by many companies around the world. With the development of technology, almost all companies take more economical steps as much as possible. The economic and recovery-oriented steps taken also show the environmentally friendly approaches of the companies.

Sustainable operations in the logistics sector are not only important for customer satisfaction, but also an indication of the company's awareness of social responsibility. Over time, the equipment used in the logistics sector may also increase. All companies aim to deliver their products to customers as fast as possible. This is where green logistics comes into play. Green logistics first measures the environmental impact of all operations occurring in the transportation sector. In line with these measurements, it starts and continues its activities. It is of great importance in reducing carbon emissions in nature, as well as carrying out all processes performed with sustainable methods, both during the production of products and during their distribution.

In green logistics, operations aim to have less impact on the environment at all stages. Green logistics gives importance to recycling, so especially recyclable packaging should be used in green logistics. In addition, reducing the delivery time of the product will greatly reduce the damage that the transportation sector will cause to nature. In green logistics, it is important to manage waste, use materials suitable for recycling, use natural resources efficiently and organize reverse logistics activities accordingly, and choose products that do not harm the environment.

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