Packaging is one of the most important issues in the logistics industry. Unlike ordinary packaging business, logistics packaging business requires more seriousness and attention. Packaging, which can consist of different materials, is made in two different ways. These are primary packaging and secondary packaging.

What is Packaging in Logistics

Primary packaging is a process to protect the product directly. It is one of the first steps to be taken to protect the product from external factors and prevent it from being damaged. Because the product may be exposed to some risks during transportation.  In order to minimize or eliminate these negative situations that may occur during transportation, the product should be packed strictly. It can be said that primary packaging is the first real packaging that covers the product.  The first packaging that directly covers the product is also known as the inner packaging. In short, we can say that primary packaging is for the protection of the product.

Another packaging method, which is of great importance in logistics packaging, is secondary packaging. The secondary packaging has the feature that also protects the primary packaging. In addition, it is the material that is thrown away when the product is used. Secondary packaging covers the stages such as storage and transportation of the product. At these stages, it is aimed to save both material and labor force. In summary, we can say that the primary packaging is the first inner packaging that directly protects the product. Secondary packaging protects the primary packaging.

In addition to the importance of the packaging process in the logistics, it also has a function in marketing. We can define packaging about marketing as giving information about the product to the buyer, advertising the product and activating the target buyer.

Thanks to packaging, the product or goods are protected from impacts and external factors such as adverse weather conditions and are transported without being damaged. You can also increase customer satisfaction thanks to logistics packaging. Pricing is an important detail in packaging. One of the costs in the logistics packaging service is the packaging cost. Packaging cost should be carefully calculated and durable packaging should be chosen

Importance of Packaging in Logistics

The process that directly covers the product and protects the product against impact and breakage is called packaging. In the transportation process, attention should be paid not only to the packaging but also to the logistics because the goods and products are wanted to be shipped to the destination without any damage.

In cases such as home-to-home transportation, freight transportation, local or intercity transportation, people mostly want to take advantage of the packaging service. In this way, the goods will reach the destination without any damage in a safe way.

What are the Packages Used in Logistics?

The best packaging is made using the most suitable and quality materials. The most suitable packaging materials should be chosen taking into account details such as the shape, weight and size of the product.

Parcels are mostly preferred for packaging. Parcels are indispensable packaging. In order for the items to be well preserved in the parcel, tape should also be used.

Other materials used for packaging are nylon and gelatin. Nylon or gelatin reduces the risk of scratching items.

When is Logistics Packaging Necessary?

Logistics packaging is actually a service that many people or companies need. If you import or export, transport in the city or out of the city, you can protect your products against weather conditions and risky environmental conditions thanks to  good packaging. Regardless of whether they are light or heavy, you can pack all your items in the most suitable packaging.

Air transportation, sea transportation, road transportation…Logistic packaging can be used in many areas. All products and goods are safe enough as long as proper packaging technique is used.

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