Heavy haul is the safe transportation of non-standard loads to the destination with the help of special equipment and vehicles. These operations also include services such as assembly, disassembly, insurance and storage. Heavy transport operations must be carried out very carefully. A professional team is needed to complete this type of operation safely.

What is Heavy Haul?

Which Loads Are Heavy?

Operations such as assembly, transportation and disassembly of loads that are above standard weights are heavy haul or heavy transport. As heavy transport, many different loads can be transported with the help of special equipment and vehicles. The most common of these loads are as follows;

Yacht and Boats
Power Plants
Fair Stands
Construction machinery
Heavy vehicles
Crane supplies
Bridge girders
Steel constructions
Transformers and Generators

The transportation of all these loads is in heavy hauls. Transporting heavy loads involves extremely difficult operations. Engineering calculations are required for the transportation, removal and installation of these heavy loads. For this reason, it is very important that the companies that carry out these operations are experienced and professional.

Lowbed Transport

Lowbed also means heavy transport. In this type of transport, loads that cannot be transported by trucks or trucks are transferred with lowbed vehicles. Lowbed vehicles are also called semi-trailers. Vehicles such as tanks and construction machines damage the asphalt road. Also, these big vehicles are not fast. That's why they take a long time to arrive at their destination. Lowbed vehicles are needed both in order not to damage the roads and to transport these vehicles in a shorter time.

Heavy haul is much more difficult than transportation of ordinary products and requires more attention and calculation. Not only the assembly or disassembly of the load to be transported, but also the weather conditions should be taken into account. In addition, one of the most important issues in heavy haul is risk assessment. The processes of loading, transporting and unloading heavy loads always have risks. A detailed risk analysis is made for each of these transactions. Risk assessment is carried out to ensure that the load to be transported is not damaged, arrives at the destination safely and prevents possible problems during transportation.

The risk assessment is also important for insuring the load. Insurance companies take all kinds of risks into account when insuring the product to be transported. Many factors, such as the size and type of the load to be transported, and the distance between the place of loading and the destination, are important subjects of risk assessment.

What Should Be Considered in Heavy Haul?

With lowbed vehicles, important problems such as load capacity, maneuvering problems, loading and unloading, height limit in the heavy transportation sector have been solved. The trailers can be adjusted differently according to the weight, size, shape and length of the load to be transported.

Hydraulic sliding ramps and similar features on trailers increase maneuverability. This ensures fast and undamaged transportation of non-standard loads. In addition, lowbed vehicles with varying designs can be used for different types of loads.

There are many factors to be considered in heavy transport. Safety is always the primary issue. What is more important than the transportation of products unharmed is that people are not harmed. An accident that may occur while carrying loads may cause injury or death. For this reason, all employees must be experts. The driver must have knowledge of the destination.

It is important for the success of operations to work with a company that performs road analysis correctly and provides insurance services. If you want to get heavy transport service, choosing a company is extremely important.

It is very good to work with an experienced and professional company. It is essential that the company's heavy transport vehicles comply with the procedures and that the employee is trained and experienced in order to complete the operation without any problems.

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