It is possible to export free of charge. However, there are some conditions for free export. First, you must officially declare each product to be exported. Although this export method is extremely beneficial for companies, attention should be paid to official procedures and documents in order for the process to be smooth.

What is Free Export?

All of the products whose value is over 430 Euros and which are shipped abroad from Turkey are considered as exports. If no fee or service is received in return for these shipments, these activities are defined as free exports. In other words, product shipments made without any charge in return are free exports.

Free export methods can be preferred by companies, official institutions or real people. However, there are some special conditions.  First of all, the product you send must be a product that can be exported free of charge. This is clearly stated in customs legislation. To give an example, a gift that a foreign tourist buys for a friend is within the scope of free export.

Free exports provide significant advantages for companies planning to expand abroad.

How to Export Free

In order to export free of charge, you must first document the details of the product you will send. These paperworks are declared to different institutions according to the value and type of the product. The documents should contain details such as the sales prices, type, shape, size and all features of the product in the market.

Conditions related to free export are specified by laws. What types of products can be sent within the scope of free export are also specified in the laws. There are many different ways to export for free. Shipping products abroad is only one of these ways. If you plant to start international trades with companies abroad, you may need to send samples to them. The product samples you send free of charge are examples of  free export. Also, real or legal persons may also take the products with them and take products abroad within this scope.

Documents Required for Free Exporting

In order to ship free products abroad, you must fill a free export form. While filling out this, The information you give is determined by the relevant legislation.

In the export form, information such as the identity and contact information of the requester, the exporter union, the information of the company where the goods will be sent, the amount of the goods, the price paid for the supply of the goods and the market value should be included.

While filling a free export notification, you should mention why you are sending the product. For example, information about a product sent as a sample should be included. After the documents are prepared, they should be submitted to official institutions as wet signed and stamped.

A free export invoice is one of the documents that should be issued. Even if you do not charge any fee for the product, an invoice must be issued in terms of accounting records. When a product supplied from Turkey is sent abroad free of charge, the seller invoice must also be declared. The main purpose of this declaration is to prove that the product is bought from Turkey.

The above documents must also be submitted for free promotional products and campaigns via e-commerce. In this respect, the method accepted as free export differs from micro-scale sales.

The question of where to get a free export permit is also frequently asked by companies and real persons. This varies depending on the market value. Goods with a fee of up to 250 thousand USD are declared to the Customs Administration.  Goods above this fee are reported to the General Secretariat of the Exporters' Unions. The products can be shipped after obtaining the necessary permits. The duration of these permits is one year.

Which Products Can Be Exported Free?

Products sent for advertising and promotional purposes or as samples are determined by law and considered free exports. For example, a textile manufacturer company can send its samples to any company abroad  within the scope of free export. Samples are very important for trading partners. Companies that import products want to get samples from manufacturers.Because the importer company accepts or refuses a commercial agreement according to the quality of the exporter's samples.

Products sent between public institutions and organizations are also defined as free exports in the law. In this regard, countries agree on products and services. In addition, the products sent by municipalities and universities to each other are also considered in this context. As a result of agreements, free export methods can be preferred for shipments and vehicles.  Aid activities abroad are also considered within this scope.

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