Cold chain logistics is important for product quality and safety. What is cold chain logistics?” The best answer to the question is that the products that need to be transported at a certain temperature in the food and pharmaceutical sector are delivered to the consumers while preserving the required temperature.  It is very important to ensure temperature control in order to avoid losses in products such as drugs, vaccines, food, which are especially important for human health.

What is Cold Chain Logistics?

Cold chain logistics refers to the transportation of packaged, cold and frozen products. These products are transported by refrigerated vehicles, and after the products are transferred, they are loaded into refrigerated vehicles. Products that are sensitive to heat must be kept at a certain temperature.

Cold chain logistics covers all processes of products, from supply to storage and from storage to transportation. In cold chain logistics, details such as packaging, transportation equipment, transportation routes, time control are important in logistics processes for products that are at risk of deterioration.  Cold chain transportation can be successfully carried out by companies such as Oden Logistics, who are familiar with transportation processes and latest logistics methods. We always provide satisfaction-oriented service to our customers in order to ensure food safety and temperature control.

How to Organize Cold Chain (Reefer) Logistics?

Cold chain logistics are carried out by experienced companies in accordance with the transportation conditions of products at risk of deterioration. Cold chain logistics companies need to work in an integrated manner at every stage of logistics. Since conditions such as packaging, humidity and temperature of each product may differ, different technologies can be used for each product. In cold chain logistics, service is provided in this way, taking into account the storage conditions of products with risk of deterioration. In short, We can answer the question, “How is cold chain logistics done?” , by correctly deciding the choice of vehicles, timing, transportation and equipment to be used.

Thanks to the cold chain logistics, the products that are at risk of spoiling are delivered to the place where they are intended to be delivered in a way that preserves their freshness.

For Which Products Is Cold Chain (Reefer) Logistics Used?

Cold chain logistics is a service that can be used for many products. It is also important to transport and preserve blood, organs, drugs, medical products. In addition to commercial products, the cold chain is needed for the transportation of these products.

Thanks to the cold chain, food products can be transported for hours or kilometers. Since food products are at risk of spoilage, it is also necessary to provide suitable conditions while being transported.  Since vegetables and fruits, which are among food products, are products with a risk of spoiling in a short time, cold chain transportation should be used for these products as well.

Who are the Cold Chain (Reefer) Logistics Companies?

Oden Logistics offers its customers maximum security in terms of high-level transportation activities and cold chain logistics. If you want to make a professional choice in logistics, you can get service from Oden Logistics, which provides logistics services to all parts of Turkey and the world with its wide transfer network and expert team. Oden Logistics, which is one of the companies with cold chain logistics service, is among the best in its sector with its experience and team that follows the latest  technologies. . Oden Logistics, which also has international transportation activities in many fields such as pharmaceutical logistics and food logistics, is a leading company in its field, working by giving importance to customer satisfaction.

Importance of Cold Chain Logistics

Products that need cold chain logistics are often sensitive to heat. And if the necessary temperature conditions are not met, undesirable consequences may occur. Meat, milk, fish, frozen products in food products are the foods with the highest risk of spoilage. Such products should not be exposed to temperature changes. Inappropriate temperature changes spoil the structure of foods and cause the emergence of various microorganisms. All processes from the production stage to the consumption stage are important in order not to spoil the freshness of the food.

Cold chain supply starts from the acceptance stage of the products. The products coming from the manufacturer are kept in different ways according to the type of the product by making the necessary controls.

Companies that supply cold chain service should pay attention to the temperature required by the products. Before the products are loaded into the vehicle, the vehicle must be at a suitable temperature for the products.

It is known that the cold chain was first used during the Second World War, especially for the protection of pharmaceutical products and food. Cold chain supply service should be provided by experienced companies because both communication and coordination are important. You can get cold chain logistics service, which is a sensitive issue in the logistics sector, from Oden Logistics. Contact us for more detailed information about our Cold Chain service. Our customer support team will be happy to answer your questions.

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