Delivery receipt report is a term used in the transportation industry. It is issued when the goods sold comply with the features requested by the customer. When the buyer signs this paper, the seller does not have any responsibility. On the other hand, if the goods have not been delivered to the buyer yet and the document has not been given to the buyer, the seller is responsible for the goods.  

The delivery receipt report is used in public institutions as well as in the private sector. In addition, a delivery receipt report can be issued even for some personal sales. Thanks to this report, it can be said that the goods are legally protected. This certificate is important for a safe trade between the buyer and the seller.

What is a Delivery Receipt Report?

The responsibility of the goods secured with the delivery receipt varies from product to product. For example,a seller of white goods may still have responsibility until the buyer receives the products.

What is the Delivery Receipt Report?

The transport industry becomes more secure with contracts or practices between customers and sellers. The document that is prepared to show that a sold good is in compliance with the qualifications requested by the buyer is known as the delivery receipt report. This is a document with legal validity. This legal validity indicates that the seller is responsible until the product is delivered by the buyer, and the responsibility passes to the buyer after the buyer signs the delivery receipt report. In other words, the responsibility of the seller disappears with this document, which must be signed by the buyer. This report, which has priority in both personal and corporate sales, is important in terms of being official. Document arrangements are made in both corporate and personal sales in the private and public sectors.

Delivery is defined as giving a property under one's own responsibility to someone else's responsibility. Receipt is defined as the receiving of the sent goods or movable goods. The report used in the delivery and receipt transactions is issued in accordance with the general legislation. If this document is not given to the buyer, the responsibility of the goods is assumed by the person who will deliver it. The liability period during transportation may vary according to the life of the goods. Responsibility for long-term goods such as televisions and refrigerators continues until they are delivered. In addition, the responsibility of receiving tea and other consumables that expire as they are used in daily life lasts until the goods are gone. In short, the responsibility of the certificate given to the buyer during the delivery process of a good varies according to the type and usage details of the goods.  The delivery receipt report makes the trade between the buyer and the seller reliable by legally protecting the goods transported in legal processes.

Delivery receipt report is a mandatory document that takes commercial transactions under control and is used in transactions related with transportation.  Safety is very important in the transportation industry. Details such as the type and quantity of the goods are usually specified in trade. The delivery receipt  which gives the responsibility of the goods from the seller to the buyer, protects the rights of both the buyer and the seller. To summarize, it can be said that the buyers have made it official that they have received the goods safely and completely.

How to Get the Delivery Receipt Report

The delivery receipt certificate is issued for the goods with added value and storage value. With this document, it is declared that the goods are under the responsibility of the buyer. In addition, a delivery receipt report is issued when materials are delivered to the warehouses.

The delivery receipt report is an official document. It must be signed by the parties with a wet signature. It can be used in rail transport, road transport, air transport and sea transport. Although the use of the delivery receipt is wide, it is possible that it may vary according to the sector in which it is used.

It is easy to prepare the delivery receipt report. For example, if an ISO certified report is issued, it is prepared with a  special template. If there is a report that has been issued in a similar way in the relevant institution, new reports can also be issued in line with the old documents. If such a document has never been issued before, the seller issues a document stating the quantity and details of the goods to be sent and the parties sign this document.

With the delivery receipt, there are legal procedures between the buyer and the seller. It is possible to provide commercial safety with these paperworks.

How to Issue A Delivery Receipt

The delivery receipt report can usually be prepared in Excel in different formats. While preparing the document, it is necessary to pay attention to some parts. The points to be considered in the document that can be arranged according to the usage are as follows:

  • The form must have two copies before it is filled so that it can be given to both the seller and the buyer.
  • When receiving the goods, the buyer must sign or stamp so that the document can have legal validity.
  • In the document, when the buyer receives the goods, he can write a note in his own handwriting that he has received the goods without any problems and in full.
  • In the delivery receipt report, details such as the number of goods, the address to be delivered, the address where the report is prepared, the delivery date and time are included.
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