State support for export is given by the Ministry of Commerce every year for the development of exports, branding in the international arena and being more permanent in the market. These supports are free. In Turkey, state support for exports was previously carried out by the Ministry of Economy. All government export supports are given as grants by the Ministry of Commerce.

With export support, companies are prepared for export, their exports are tried to be increased and it is aimed to create a sustainable export environment. Jobs supported may change from year to year. New support packages and other sectors to be supported are discussed in the parliament at any time of the year. Small and medium companies need government support to develop themselves in exports. Export supports include e-export, electronic export and micro-export models. States support exports with these and similar support packages.

State support for export may vary from time to time. Many factors such as the current economic situation of the country and the foreign trade policies of the government affect export support. In recent years, digitalization has also played a major role in export support, especially thanks to the development of technology. 

State Support for Exports 

State supports for export generally include the following stages:

-Support for overseas, office, showroom, store rental expenses,

-Overseas advertising and promotion support, including fees such as social media, Google, influencer,

- Market entry documents,

- Trademark registration support for abroad,

- Support for digital works and virtual fairs,

- Domestic and international fair support.

Overseas Fair Participation Support for Exporters

International fairs are very important for export. Because fairs are one of the most effective methods of presenting the products you produce in your country to potential customers with examples. If you are planning to sell your product only in your country, you may not need international fairs. However, if you want to export your products and you want to introduce your products to potential customers with samples, the most effective advertising method is fairs. Regardless of the sector, many small and medium-sized companies prefer international fairs to promote their products and services in the international market.

International fairs can be very costly, especially for small and medium-sized companies. States provide fair support to companies that want to participate in international fairs. These supports can be offered in the form of fair rent, accommodation costs or ease of transportation. Some fair supports cover all the costs, while others cover a part of these costs.

In Turkey, international fairs are supported within the framework of the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Laws. Expenditures made by companies that are members of exporters' associations and organizers of fairs held abroad are supported.

Document Support for Exporters

Documentation support offered to exporters is quite extensive. Documents may differ according to the country of export. There are two types of document support. The first includes mandatory documents that will provide advantages and enable the company to enter foreign markets and receive support in the markets. The other is the support for increasing the production of the company.

50% of the expenditures made for the mandatory documents to be prepared while exporting is repaid by the relevant ministry.

Overseas Promotion and Brand Support for Exporters

It is an important step for exporting companies to promote their brand in the country they will export to. The government also provides support for the promotion of the brand. Promotion and brand support is given to exporters. These supports include moral as well as financial support. The government also offers various supports such as offices, warehouses, stores and departments abroad.

Design Support for Exporters

The purpose of the design support provided to exporters is to create a culture of design and innovation. With the design support, support is provided for expenses such as advertising, promotion, employment, marketing and consultancy.

The design support covers the expenses related to the protection of design and product development projects with the support of cooperation organizations such as the Turkish Exporters Assembly, the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, and the Foreign Economic Relations Board.

Market Support for Exporters

This support is based on exporters' experience of different markets. With the support they receive in the travels to be made in this direction, new markets can be seen and companies can start their activities in new markets.

Before starting to export in Turkey, the market is researched and supported by the Ministry of Trade. For exports to countries determined by sectoral trade delegations, the rate of support provided to exporters can be increased.

Those who are actively engaged in trade can benefit from export-oriented support. They must be in the Turkish market. Both small and large-scale companies can benefit from these supports. In addition, it is necessary to have both commercial and industrial activities in the country.

What are the Advantages of State Support for Export?

State export supports provide great benefits to exporters. Thanks to the support provided by the state, it is easy to participate in foreign fairs and enter foreign markets. The biggest advantage of state support for exporters is that exporters reduce their expenses to enter new markets.

In addition to financial support, state support for exporters also covers activities such as professional brand consultancy and market research.

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