There are different types of transport in the logistics process. Transportation methods can vary depending on the load to be transported and the customer's demands or needs. Intermodal and multimodal transportation methods are among professional options in logistics.

What are Intermodal and Multimodal Transportation Methods?

What is Multimodal Transport?

Multimodal transport is carried out within the framework of the transport contract. Only one transportation contract is issued to be used between destinations and cargo loading places. More than one transport method is used. Although different transportation methods are applied, the logistics company is responsible for the transportation process.

Multimodal transport has many advantages. For example, containers in sea transportation can carry many loads in this transportation model. Moreover, transportation services can be used with more cost-effectiveness during the year thanks to intermodal transportation. We can also say that multimodal transport is economical and environmentally friendly.

Multimodal transport, which is one of the types of transport, is affected less by many traffic problems, over-processing at border gates and many other procedures. Thus, transportation goes on smoothly and quickly.

Containers are very important in multimodal transportation. They are very useful for multi-transport. We can say that containers used as packaging and transportation vehicles for the cargoes to be transported are indispensable for multimodal transportation.

What is Intermodal Transport?

Intermodal transportation is one of the advantageous types of transportation. More than two transportation methods are used in intermodal transportation. The transport container in which the load is not changed in this mode. The load is transferred to other transportation systems without changing the transport container. This method of transportation is also very fast and safe.

Intermodal transportation follows a planned working method in the collection, transportation and distribution processes. Thus, it is planned to prevent possible delays in the delivery processes of the loads.

What are the Differences Between Multimodal Transport and Intermodal Transport?

All transportation methods can be used in multimodal transportation. The combination suitable for the load and the need can be used. In this type of transportation, a new transportation contract is issued  for each logistics service while preparing the shipment documents but a single carrier is responsible for the whole transportation process. On the other hand, the combination of transport is arranged as rail, sea, and road in the intermodal transport model. More than one carrier can be responsible for all of these transportation methods. Many contracts are drawn up for all logistics services between the address where the cargo will be delivered and the loading address. These contracts guarantee all transportation processes of the transportation.

Multimodal Transportation is a form of transportation by using more than one type of transportation with different transportation vehicles or units. In multimodal transportation, the loads are transferred to another container and continue on their way with different transportation modes. In multimodal transport, only one transport contract is drawn up for the whole transportation.  In multimodal transportation type, the whole transportation is an integrated system, not a process consisting of separate stages.

What are the Advantages of Multimodal Transportation and Intermodal Transportation?

Multimodal and intermodal transport methods have many advantages. First of all, it can be said that both transportation types are suitable for the current logistics. It can be said that the two transportation types are suitable for the current logistics conditions. In addition, both types of transportation aim to deliver the load to the destination on time. A fast and practical delivery process is planned.

The two modes of transport are for delivery without being stuck with border barriers between countries. This also saves time. All logistics processes are carried out smoothly with professional logistics companies and experienced people. Working with a professional team also makes it possible to benefit from all the features of modern transportation. Moreover, you can reduce the workload of the operation and increase the efficiency of the work. You can always get the best service thanks to logistics companies that offer reliable solutions to have a perfect transportation experience.

What are the Differences Between Multimodal Transport and Intermodal Transport?

There are some differences between Multimodal transport and Intermodal transport. It is possible to combine all types of transport in multimodal transport. A single transport contract is issued for each mode of transport.  Loads can be transferred to vehicles or units required by different modes of transport, such as sea, road or air. Only one logistics company is responsible for the transportation process and manages the whole  transportation.

In intermodal transportation, road - rail - sea can be combined. More than one carrier company is responsible for the transportation process. In intermodal transport, the goal is to open the closed unit on delivery.

In intermodal transport, the target is to open the unit at the destination. It is defined as the transportation of loads after a single loading within the same transport unit by multiple transportation methods. More than one contract is signed for each transport route between loading and destination points.

Intermodal transport aims to optimize the transport process in terms of time, cost and environmental conditions.

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