ETA, ETD, ATA and ATD are terms frequently used by exporters and importers. These terms are important for the shipping industry. They are frequently used in both sea and air transportation. For importers and exporters, it is important to plan the dates correctly for the management of the supply chains. All of these terms are related to planning.

All of these terms are important for importing and exporting companies to receive or deliver their products on time. These concepts enable planning in logistics. Each of these terms is an abbreviation and has different meanings.

ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)

ETA stands for “Estimated time of arrival”. ETA ensures that companies continue their production in a planned manner. It also provides continuity in the necessary raw materials and equipment. As the name suggests, it shows the expected time of arrival. The product usually arrives at its destination in ETA. This expected duration is always considered "estimated" due to some adverse weather conditions or problems with official procedures. However the goods usually are delivered in ETA.

ETD (Estimated Departure Time)

ETD stands for ”Estimated Time of Departure”. ETD ensures that production can be continued as planned. Clear and accurate dates contribute to the smooth operation of the supply chain. ETD indicates the estimated departure time of aircrafts and ships.

The common feature of ETA and ETD is that both times are estimated.

ATA (Actual Time of Arrival)

ATA stands for "Actual time of arrival". ATA is important for the food to arrive at the final destination on time. ATA refers to the actual time of arrival of a product at its final destination. The arrival time of the foods at risk of spoilage to the final destination is very important.

ATD (Actual Departure Time)

ATD is the abbreviation for “Actual Time of Departure”. ATD specifies a reliable time as it provides certainty.

ETD and ETA in Import and Export

Determining the dates correctly in import and export means managing the supply chain with minimum problems.  ETD and ETA are extremely important in terms of smooth transportation and timely delivery of products by importers.

The terms ETA and ETD are important for port management. Thanks to these dates, port management authorities distribute resources efficiently. In addition, knowing the estimated arrival time of the ship to any port reduces waiting times. In this way, the workload in the port is also taken under control. In this way, there are no long truck queues at the ports. Also, waiting costs are avoided and time is saved.

The correct ETA and ETD dates are important for the logistics industry as well as port management. In the global world conditions, the supply of many products has become much more critical than the ordinary situation. On this occasion, the number of ships and their capacities have also increased. In this sense, ETA and ETD affect the entire logistics process. Arriving later or earlier than expected affects other ships negatively. This situation has similar processes in terms of airways.

Importers need to set these dates correctly. Importers plan their supplies of products according to ETA. Most companies foresee extensions in shipping times. Because delays negatively affect the delivery time of the product. Delays may cause loss of customers for importing companies. In addition, companies can be penalized. For this reason, the estimated arrival times given by the shipping companies should be accurate.

ATA and ATD Terms in the Shipping Industry

ATA has emerged to prevent time losses in the logistics industry. ATA is very important, especially in the delivery of food to the final destination. This information, including the arrival time, minimizes commercial losses.

The right timing planned in all sectors creates gains. The satisfaction of both the company and the customer is possible by delivering the products to the right destination at the planned time. Commercial activities are carried out in ports and airports all over the world. These commercial activities must comply with customs legislation. A systematic process is important for the products to arrive at the right time. The fact that all vehicles are at the desired locations within the specified time has a positive effect on the earnings of the companies.

In addition to knowing the estimated arrival time at the port and airport, real arrival time avoids the problem of waiting. ATA and ATD are vital for the active continuation of intercontinental trade. ATA and ATD are important for the active continuation of intercontinental trade.

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