What is Wagon?

Wagon is one of cornerstones for railway transportation. Wagons designed to carry loads and passengers are connected to each other and pulled by a locomotive, in the simplest terms, are railway vehicles.

Wagons do not have their own engines to enable them to move forward. Each wagon is connected to each other, but the first one is connected to a locomotive. Thus, the first wagon pulls all wagons after it.

Wagons that are preferred for transportation have a variety depending on their characteristics. They can transport hundreds of products such as food, household goods, animals, and building materials. The amount of material transported will vary in parallel with the size of the wagon.

Types Of Wagons

What are the Wagon Types?

There are different types of wagons in railway transportation services. Various criteria, such as the type and amount of the product planned to be transported, have an important role in the wagon preference.

Covered wagons are mostly demanded for transportation. Covered wagons are preferred for the transportation of products such as household goods, fertilizers, livestock, bagged cement, food materials.

How is Wagon Transportation done?

Domestically and abroad, wagon transportation which provides suitable conditions for heavy tonnage loads is a highly demanded method in international transportation. It is possible to transport the desired loads in open or covered wagons in this method being more cost-effective than other methods. The loads are safely stacked to wagons and a safe transportation process is carried out.

Wagon Features for Portable Products

A reliable travel with wagons that meet your every need and have various features.

Covered Wagons

Bagged cement, Marble, Fertilizer, Gas Concrete, Beverage and all kinds of clothes are transported by covered wagons.

Covered Wagons with Higher Height and Load Capacity

With this type of covered wagons, pallets, packaged goods or bagged products can be transported, as well as products such as Big Bags and processed marble.

Open Wagons with High Side

Open wagons with high sides carry coal, gravel, mine, sand, scrap iron and beet.

Platform Wagons

Platform wagons are generally preferred for the transportation of long products. Different types of products are transported with platform wagons being multi-purpose.

Products that can be transported by platform wagons; Block Marble, Container, Long Bars/Logs and Heavy Machinery etc.

Open  Platform Wagons

Open platform wagons are preferred for large loads. Products that can be transported with these wagons; Trucks, Automobiles, Agricultural Machineries, Iron-plastic Pipe, Tree-Log etc.

Automatic Unloading Wagons

Automatic unloading wagons are helpful in coal and mineral transportation operations. There is an automatic unloading device on the sides of these wagons.

Grain Wagons

These wagons are specially designed for grain products and grain transport operations are carried out in bulk. Grains are filled from the top and unloaded from the bottom after transportation.

Tank Wagons

All fuel types can be transported with tank wagons. It is a type of heated wagon special for transportation of liquid products.

Heavy Duty Wagons

Heavy goods wagons are preferred for special transport projects. In addition to this, they are ideal transport methods for heavy loads such as reactors and transformers.

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