Export is the element that forms the foreign trade balance of a country. Export, which also means selling abroad, means that a product is sold outside the customs borders of the country. As sales are carried out abroad, international trade rules apply to exports. In other words, the person or company that will export should know the rules of international trade and take precautions and solutions to all potential problems in advance. Oden Logistics responds to all your questions related to foreign trade and puts you in a position to be ready and equipped for the problems you will encounter.  

Steps to Follow in Export 

There are certain steps that must be followed when exporting. First, there are types of documents depending on the type of transport that is intended to be carried out, the type of transfer. These documents are an indication that you will make the export in accordance with the rules and procedure. In addition, exports can be made not only institutionally, but also individually. For this purpose, it is necessary to obtain a special tax number for individuals who want to export from the tax authorities, rather than owning a company directly. All you need to get this number is an identity number. Then the person can complete the export operations by signing an agreement with an accountant or by authorizing a customs broker. 

In addition, regardless of whether it is exported individually or as a company, it is necessary to register with an export association related to the product to exported. There is also one more point that should be noted. Individual exporters may have to export through the company according to the size of their exports. Exporting as a company also has different advantages. Firstly, being a company will give more confidence to the other party. This situation can ensure continuity and make your business more secure. 

VAT deductions can also be in addition to these advantages. It seems that people who export as a company are more advantageous during customs clearance and tax payments. With these discounts, you can allocate more money to your products and increase your profit.  

Documents Required for Export 

As with any business that requires an official procedure, there are certain documents required for export. Thanks to these documents, items can be transferred faster during customs clearance, billing processes are accelerated, and therefore customer satisfaction is increased. The first document required is the first product required for the product to be exported to be able to go out of the country, an e-bill is required. The first document required for the product to be exported to be exported outside the country is an e-bill. The product can be processed at customs in the original form of the bill. English translation of this bill should also be included the documents.  

Along with this document, various documents required to load the exported product onto vehicles must also be completed. For the goods to leave customs, the customs broker must provide various documents, such as ATR and This document should contain all the details about the product. 

Types of Documents by Type of Transportation 

Goods delivered to customs require different documents depending on the type of transport. For example, the bills of lading for products that will be transferred by sea or air must be ready. But if transportation is to be carried out by road, a CMR document, not a bill of lading, must be prepared. These documents are prepared directly by the logistics company and in addition to the type of document, the company and item information must be entered into in full.  

Missing a document of any product to be exported, information about the product or company is not included in the documents, or the type of packaging, package contents, or number of pieces of the package are not specified, may cause problems during customs clearance and transfer. Since these problems will be directly reflected customer dissatisfaction is an issue too important to ignore. 

In summary, people who have completed the necessary documents, completed legal actions, and felt financially and spiritually ready to export can start this business. We, Oden Logistics, aim to show you the most correct way of being with you in all these processes with our foreign trade and export consultancy service. 

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