Trailer is one of the most heard topics in the logistics industry.  There are many types of trailers according to the needs of the transportation industry. The most important thing that determines which trailer types will be used is the type of freight to be transported.  Trailers are carrier vehicles designed to meet different needs.The most common trailer types are:

The Most Suitable Trailer Types for Transportation

Extendable Double Drop Trailer

As the name suggests, extendable double drop trailers are trailers that can be extended if needed.Extendable double drop trailers can carry taller loads.  These types of trailers are generally used for the transportation of cars, heavy-duty machines, etc. In addition, these vehicles are needed to transport containers and prefabricated houses. As they are extendable with these trailers, they can be adjusted according to the size of the load.

Dry Van Trailers

Dry van trailers are among the preferred trailer types especially for transporting products affected by dust and rain. Food products that are adversely affected by rain such as Flour, Sugar, Salt, or products that are adversely affected by rain, such as books, notebooks, paper towels, are transported by dry van trailers. Dry van trailers offer a safer transportation opportunity compared to other trailer types. Because the container area is not affected by adverse weather conditions outside. Due to the aluminum, iron or steel structure of the trailer, the loads do not slip or fall easily.

Producing this trailer model may take longer and more time than producing other trailer models. Therefore, companies that will work with dry van trailers may need to place an order with the manufacturer beforehand.

Dry van trailers also offer the possibility of side loading the products that need to be transported with a closed trailer. While the trailers can be loaded from the back, the product can be loaded by opening them completely from the side.

Step Deck Trailer

Step deck trailers are another truck trailer used to transport vehicles. These trailer types are produced entirely from iron or steel. Since the products they carry are heavy, they are quite strong and robust. Although they are not as long as an extendable double drop trailer, they can carry heavy machinery, vehicles, and pickup trucks. Many trailer manufacturers can produce step deck trailers. These trailer types are compatible with almost all trucks. They are produced according to certain standards.

There is another feature that distinguishes step deck trailers from other trailers, that these trailer types are closer to the ground than other trailer types. The maximum weight that can be loaded varies according to the number of axles and wheels used in this type of trailer.

There is no specific length limitation in the production of step deck trailers. In this way, step deck trailers are preferred for the transportation of very long and high products.

Refrigerated Trailers

Refrigerated trailers are designed to transport refrigerated or frozen and temperature controlled loads. These trailers are cooling feature and insulated trailers. The large motor part on the front wall of the refrigerated trailer is the freezin or cooling motor. There is a cooling unit control panel and a temperature indicator on the lower left part of the cooling engine. At the bottom of this panel, there is a Printer unit (data cold tracking unit) and 240-hour reports can be obtained. In addition, there is a 380 Volt supply socket in this part. The supply socket is used when the motor is not preferred and it is desired to be activated with electricity. For this, it must be set as electrical from the control panel. In the middle of the front wall of the refrigerated trailer, there is a connection kit for connection hoses and connection cables. On the left side of the refrigerated trailer, there is the fuel tank of the cooling engine. The tank indicator must be checked and it must be full. These features may vary in some refrigerated trailers, but they are the most common features of this type of trailer.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Most Suitable Trailer in Transportation

Choosing the most suitable trailer in transportation requires both knowledge and experience. Both of these are acquired over time according to the deficiencies and needs of the sector. But before that, the most important thing for truck owners to do is to know the product to be transported very well. Many information such as the weight, height and resistance of the product to adverse weather conditions have a decisive influence on the selection of the trailer type.

In addition to the features of the products, routine maintenance of the trailer should be done in order to choose the most suitable trailer. Although the trailer is old, it can carry all kinds of loads if it is well-maintained. However, attention should be paid to features such as weight limit, height limit, width limit.

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