It is very important for companies to get into the international market in terms of the country's economy. They need professional support with sufficient infrastructure to have a say in the international market. In this respect, foreign trade consultancy firms play a key role in guiding and supporting companies. In order to manage the process correctly and get efficient results in your export or import transactions, you can achieve success thanks to the foreign trade consultancy provided by Oden Logistics.

Foreign Trade Consultancy

Foreign trade means international trade. The purchase of products, goods or services from abroad is called import while the sale of products, goods or services abroad is called export. Monitoring and managing the import or export processes of enterprises in the international market is carried out within the scope of foreign trade consultancy. This process is very important for companies that want to enter the foreign market, to increase their exports, and to ensure production input for the domestic market. Contacting companies, knowing the relevant laws and regulations well, preparing the necessary documents completely and accurately are matters that require professionalism and expertise. While some companies solve this problem within their own structure, some companies do not undertake this burden and work with a foreign trade consultancy firm specialized in this field. All companies do not have sufficient experience and knowledge in the foreign trade process. Enterprises that do not have sufficient knowledge about customs procedures and procedures are prone to make mistakes. Foreign trade consultancy provides a wide range of services from automobile manufacturing and electronic products to food and agriculture. If you want to take part in the international market and increase your market share, it is good to get the services of foreign trade consultancy companies.

Customs Clearance Service

In customs clearance and customs consultancy services, we provide the customs procedures of import and export with our professional and experienced team. Customs clearance services comprise the products or services for companies to pass through bonded areas and the execution of transactions made with the state in foreign trade. Global trade compliance is a time-consuming process for companies. There are several important stages such as documentation procedures, inspections at customs offices, trade regulations to be followed, etc. It is a great advantage for you to get customs clearance consultancy services to overcome compliance barriers in a competitive market. You can contact us immediately for your safe, fast, trouble-free and effective customs clearance process.

Road Transportation

International road transport is a service area meeting many needs. International road transport, which is important for the continuity of daily life, takes place continuously in the act of cycle. In this way, it is an important stage in all international trade and transportation processes. It is possible to transport many different materials with international road transport. It is also possible to see different and specially equipped vehicles depending on the material and route to be transported by international road transport. In this way, the goods are transported in the best way possible. International road transport is regulated with the right transportation methods. According to the law, there is a regulation accordingly. For this reason, it is important to have information about the development and regulations from past to present while examining international road transport.

Maritime Transportation

Oden Logistics, which has experience in international maritime transport, knows all the subtleties of the sector and brings many benefits for many different companies dealing with foreign trade. Our company also provides the necessary support regarding consolidation, distribution, storage and loading. In general, we show our difference with our wide international network in customer partial import and export transports. In this type of maritime transport service, our company safely delivers the relevant goods to the destinations requested by the customers. We carry out all maritime transport activities flawlessly with a very different service mindset in overseas transports, your import and export cargoes.

Airline Transportation          

Airline transport, which is more costly than other logistics methods in the world, has been frequently preferred recently. Airline is used in the transportation of important and sensitive goods between long distances in international transportation. There are some features of the transportation type that are frequently preferred in import and export transactions. Although it is more expensive than the world's oldest logistics types like road and railways, it provides much faster transfers. The rise in the number of aircraft in the world and the spread of logistics companies serving in this field show that the importance of air transportation has increased.

Rail Transportation

Rail transport is a way that allows heavy and bulky loads to be carried at lower costs. Freight transportation to and from abroad can be provided by international railways. International rail transport is in high demand today and it can be said that there is almost no alternative for the transportation of some cargoes. This is one of the rail transportation advantages. It has great importance especially in very heavy tonnage loads. Rail transport is also more reliable than other types of transport. The accident rate is also very low in rail transport which has a systematic structure. Even in bad weather conditions, rail transportation is provided without delay.

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