Turkey is very rich in terms of ports, since it is a country surrounded by seas on three sides. The ports in our country are very important in the field of export. Maritime transportation is one of the most prominent transportation methods in foreign trade. Transportation from one country to another by sea is much easier and faster. The development of the port sector in our country enables us to have an active role in foreign trade.

Ports are areas where goods are loaded on ships and departed. There are many ports in our country, so this shows that our country is rising in the export sector. Since the ports in our country are extremely large and developed, they come to the fore in the export of many products. Ports are extremely important as they have a large share in determining the place of our country in world trade. There are 11 large ports in our country.

Ports in our country; Ambarlı, Antalya, Bandırma, Iskenderun, Istanbul, Izmir, Izmit, Mersin , Samsun, Sinop and Trabzon. Each of these ports is extremely important for the maritime transport industry. These large and developed ports are one of the most preferred trade routes. As a company, we have been providing services all over Turkey for many years in this sector, you can contact us for detailed information.

Features of Logistics Ports in Turkey

Ambarlı Port: Ambarlı port located in Istanbul is of great importance for our country. Ambarlı port , the largest port of our country, stands out in the maritime transportation sector. The size and development level of the ports is very important for the most accurate loading. Since Ambarlı port is large and advanced in terms of equipment, loading and unloading can be done easily. This port is developing more and more day by day, thanks to natural gas. The containerized cargo movement of Ambarlı port attracts a lot of attention as it has a capacity of 1.9 million. You can get more information by contacting us via our company.

Antalya Port: Since Antalya port, which is one of the most important ports for our country, has an extremely large structure, loading is done easily. The progress of the tourism sector is largely effective in the development of this port. Today, it stands out mostly as a yacht and marina port. Antalya port, which has no connection with the railway, is very popular among the ports in our country.

Bandırma Port: Bandırma port has a narrower area of utilization compared to Ambarlı port. This port is preferred for almost completely boron loading. Boron mine, which is mined and processed in our country, is loaded into containers at Bandırma Port. It stands out in terms of safe loading and transportation.

İskenderun Port: One of the most popular ports in our country is İskenderun port. It is frequently preferred in the field of maritime transportation because it is multifunctional. It is also at a very high level in terms of development. İskenderun port, which attracts attention with its widest port in terms of continental shelf in our country, has been active for many years. It has been preferred by heavy cargo ships in recent years. Since it is an extremely wide port, heavy cargo ships can be loaded easily. The developments in the iron and steel industry in our country have a positive effect on the development of İskenderun port. You can review the services we offer on our internet address and you can easily benefit from it.

İstanbul Port: It is one of the most important ports in our country. Since Istanbul is a central city in which a lot of trade is carried out, İstanbul port differs from other ports in terms of its features. The most important feature of Istanbul port is that its trade volume is much higher than other ports, this makes İstanbul port the busiest one among the ports in our country. Istanbul port is mostly preferred for buying and selling goods to another country by maritime transport.

İzmit Port: It ranks second in the list of the most developed ports in our country. Almost all of the petroleum refinery takes place in İzmit port. A large number of shipyards located on this port also contribute to the development of the port.

İzmir Port: The hinterland of İzmir port is quite wide. For this reason, it ranks first among export ports. Unlike other ports, there is also the possibility of railway transportation in İzmir port. In this way, foreign trade progresses faster and easier. You can contact us to get information about the loadings made in İzmir port, which is increasing its development day by day.

Mersin Port: Mersin port is located within the borders of the free trade zone. It is mostly preferred for petrol trade.

Samsun Port: Samsun port, which is located in the Black Sea region and is among the ports with the widest hinterland, is very popular among the ports in our country. At Samsun port, there are many kinds of transportation possibilities such as railway, airlines. It is developing more and more day by day in terms of features.

Sinop Port: The prominent feature of Sinop port is that it is the only natural harbor among the ports in the Black Sea region. Sinop port is also known as the port with the narrowest hinterland.

Trabzon Port: Trabzon port is one of the most remarkable ports in the Black Sea region. It has great importance for our country because it is located on the Iran transit trade route. There is no railway transportation facility in Trabzon port. It is also a port with a very narrow hinterland. You can contact us to learn more about logistics ports.

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