Legal problems in the logistics sector, and solution recommendations were discussed

The legal problems experienced in the logistics sector and solution recommendations to these were discussed within the scope of the conference organized by the Istanbul Gelişim University Vocational School and the Logistics and Transportation Law Association. Leading names of the sector were gathered together at the conference, which has received a significant interests from the students.

Making the keynote speech of the conference, Abdulkadir Gayretli, the Chairman of Board of Trustees of the Istanbul Gelişim University, mentioned about the problems in the sector. Gayretli said, “We were thinking about black and rail techniques in the past about the logistics. Air, black, and rail methods were among the most frequently seen ones in the past. Several different practical systems appeared with the modernizing world.”

Importance of qualified logistics personnel is highlighted

Continuing his speech with legal problems, Gayretli told about the specific legal processes of the countries. Gayretli stated that some problems arise as each and every country has its own rules, and told that everyone will have to apply a specific quota if this problem is not addressed.

Gayretli said, “Being comfortable while transiting a country might mean experiencing difficulties in other countries. Material and moral problems may occur due to these. What matters is always related to development. Driver and personnel factor is always important in logistics. Qualified logistics personnel meeting all these factors will always be more beneficial for the public, nation, state, and our country.”

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