Integrated transportation means that the supply chain is considered as a single piece and all functions are performed in the same way with delivery. To answer the question “What is integrated transport?”  We can say that the raw materials or products produced in many parts of the world are delivered to their destinations by different transport modes such as air, iron, land and sea transportation. Oden Logistics is one of the leading companies in the logistics sector. Oden Logistics ensures that customer satisfaction is at the forefront by providing  developed transport systems.

In recent years, both the transportation sector and integrated logistics network services have started to develop considerably. The integrated logistics process also includes details such as product transportation, storage, customs clearance and insurance.

In integrated transportation, products are transported from one part of the world to another. In addition, the products can be packaged at the destination and delivered to more than one place.

Integrated Logistics Processes

If you are considering getting integrated transport services for your company or your products, it is necessary to have knowledge about integrated logistics processes.

Integrated logistics service is also very important for the supply chains and marketing chain to be successful. Integrated logistics processes are based on low cost. Integrated transportation covers all stages from the product leaving the manufacturer until it reaches the consumer.

All the products we consume in daily life are included in a certain logistics network. Of course, not only the supply chain and transportation, but also the storage stages of the product are important. Integrated transport can be organized within the country as well as internationally. It is easier to perform all stages quickly especially in international transportation. In this way, transportation activities will cost less and not be delayed.

One of the details about the integrated transportation service is the issue of import and export, especially in free trade zones. At this stage, the customer should be informed about the process. You can have information at every stage from logistics companies that offer professional services. It is possible to be fast in shipment and product delivery  thanks to a logistics company experienced in customs. Oden Logistics offers solutions in accordance with the needs of its customers with its wide range of logistics services.

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Scope of Integrated Transport

In integrated transportation, different transport modes are used. Of course, this process does not only cover transport modes. We can say that the first step of integrated transportation is the supply of the raw material or product. After the product supply, the transportation phase of the product, the storage processes, the packaging of the product, and the distribution after packaging are the steps of integrated transportation.

Advantages of Integrated Transport

Sometimes, the quality of the product is not enough for it to be in high demand. In terms of the benefits of integrated transportation, the marketing stages of the product also provide an advantage for easy access to the product. Professional and developed marketing and logistics activities are required for the product or material to reach the consumer.

It has already been mentioned above that integrated transport also has an impact on reducing costs. Integra transportation covers the storage, transportation, customs clearance, insurance and distribution stages needed while the products are being transported. For example, if a product arrives at its destination after leaving the factory and is distributed quickly after it arrives, there will not be much expenditure on storage service.

What are the Types of Integrated Transport?

There are many integrated transport modes in both international and domestic trade. One of the most important details in the logistics sector is transportation modes. Transport activities account for almost half of logistics operations. You can examine the types of integrated transportation under the following headings.

Road Transport: There is the most competition in road transport. Goods are less damaged by road transport.

Railway Transportation: It is mostly preferred by transit countries for the transportation of heavy tonnage loads. It is mainly used by the states because the investment costs are a little high.

Air Freight: Air freight is usually a good choice for distances over 500 km.

River Road Transport: It is used for the transport of large and heavy goods.

Multimodal Transportation: It is divided into two as intermodal transportation and combined transportation.  In intermodal transportation, the product to be transported is delivered to its destination with at least two transport lots without changing its container. For this, trucks, trains and cargo ships are generally used. Road use is reduced to a minimum with this method. On the other hand, combined transportation is operated by using at least two of the land, rail, sea and air transportation modes. It offers economical solutions especially in heavy transports.

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