Export means selling a product or service to a foreign country. If you are planning to export to European Union countries and doing research on "How to export to EU countries?" you are in the right place. In this post, we share all the details such as the necessary documents, the customs procedures, custom clearance and export declarations.

International trade rules apply to all export transactions. People or companies that want to export should know these details or, they should get support from logistics companies that are experienced in the sector, giving importance to the satisfaction of their customers. Oden is one of these experienced and reliable companies in the logistics sector.

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How to Export?

During the export process, trade agreements, customs duties and required documents may differ depending on the type and logistics of the exported product. Individuals can export by owning any company or they can export with their identification numbers by getting a tax number from the tax office. It is sufficient to authorize a customs consultant and customs agent. Thus, they can take the first step to export. In order to carry out export transactions individually or as a company, it is necessary to be in contact with the exporters' associations. In this sense, it is very important to be registered with the exporter association that provides the product or service to be exported. For example, a person who wants to export tea may need to be a member of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters' Association. In short, we can say that export transactions vary depending on the country of export, the type of export or the product to be exported.

When exporting, the larger the volume of exports, the more advantageous it will be to import through the company. Because if you carry out export transactions through the company, you will have a reliable and positive impression. In this way, you also guarantee the continuity of the export transactions. There are other advantages of doing your export transactions with a company. Government supports and VAT discounts are also available. Thus, it may be possible to make a profit in matters such as customs tax determined by the customs administrations.

Export conditions may vary according to the export country.  Therefore, paper works can also differ. For example, different procedures may apply for exports to countries in the European Union and exports to EFTA countries. So, what are the details of exports to EU countries

Export to European Union Countries

The Customs Union between Turkey and the European Union can be defined as an economic integration model where there are no equivalent effective measures and customs tariffs for countries outside the union are applied. We can say that the Customs Union envisages free movement of industrial products between the parties.

Mass Housing Fund, taxes with equivalent effect and customs duties have been abolished for the import of industrial products originating from the European Union. The Common Customs Tariff is applied by the Community for the import of industrial products from third countries. Processed agricultural products are within the framework of the Customs Union. There are some documents issued for the export of agricultural products to the European Union. One of them is the EUR.1. EUR .1 is issued for the export of agricultural products. In addition, A.TR Movement Certificate is issued between the European Union and Turkey in order to benefit from mutual concessions. This certificate is issued only for goods sent from Turkey to the EU countries or from the EU market to Turkey.

In order to fill these documents, it is absolutely necessary to specify all the details of the product. Documents about the products to be transported may also be different. For example, if the goods transferred to the customs will be transferred by air or seaway, a bill of lading should be prepared for the products transported.

What are the Points to Consider While Exporting?

We state above that you need some documents in order to export. Of course, these are not enough to export. In addition to these documents that you will fill, it is useful to take some steps. Thus, you are more likely to be successful in your export transactions. In export, many steps must be taken in a planned and integrated manner. It is necessary to plan the logistics process in the best way. It is necessary to professionally plan both the distribution and logistics network from the importer to the exporter. It should not be forgotten that the transfer of the product will take less time by planning all stages of the goods to be transferred perfectly. In this way, your company's export capacity will increase and you will earn higher profits in a very short time.

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