Different vehicles are used in order to ensure safe and trouble-free air freight. These tools include pallet nets, igloos, nets and container types. The undamaged transportation of the products by air is carried out by placing the product in the most suitable among these vehicles.

Air transportation is one of the safest methods of shipping products to be transported domestically or abroad in the fastest and safest way. If you want to send your products by air, you can get services from companies that provide air transport services. However, in order to receive these services and to apply all legal responsibilities, some forms and documents must be filled. These important documents  include information such as destination country, international trade agreements. They also have different types and types depending on the type of product.

Documents used in air freight are called air waybills. All documents are issued on behalf of the importer. Then, the goods are transported by plane. Whoever's name is written on the transport document, the goods are also delivered to that person. Documents are prepared in three copies. These copies are given to the importer, one to the exporter and the other to the shipping company.

What are the required documents in air transport?

Master Bill of lading (MBL) : This document is signed between the air freight company and the sender. This document is also an air transport bill. Airway transport bill can be used for combined transports as well as for single transports. The contract contains the rights of the sender, carrier and receiver.

The master bill of lading is a document that specifies the mode of transport, the weight and volume of the goods. It is a very important document for air transport.


Cargo Manifest: The cargo manifest is issued in accordance with the bill of lading. It includes the characteristics of the goods in the transportation process, the conditions that will be needed during transportation, and the place where they will be delivered. If the products to be transported are dangerous goods, information about the cargo is more detailed in the cargo manifest.

Cargo Transfer Manifest: This document shows that the transfer has taken place between the two companies. Cargo transfer manifest is issued in case the paid cargo is transported to the first carrier or other carrier company. In cases such as damage or loss that may occur during transportation, which company is responsible for the problem is stated in the cargo transfer manifest.

Notice of Correction of Shipping Costs: It is a kind of warning document. If the weight of the product to be transported is more or less than its actual weight, if the shipping fee is priced incorrectly or if there are other tariff errors, these errors are corrected with this document.

Cargo Accounting Document: It is generally aimed  to facilitate the accounting with the cargo accounting document. If there are fees that are not specified in the bill of lading but must be paid by the sender, it is a necessary document for receiving their payment.

Non-Delivery Notice: This document is issued for the problems that will arise if the shipment is not received within 14 days from the delivery point.

Damage Report: With thisdocument, actions are taken when the value of the cargo on the bill of lading decreases. It can be said about the documents used in air transportation that all stages pass in a systematic way. Contact Oden Logistics if you want to get a problem-free service from companies experienced in air transportation. Oden Logistics always attaches great importance to customer satisfaction with its wide service network and experienced employees. 

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