Sea transportation, which is the most widely used option in freight transportation, is also the least costly type of transportation. Sea transportation, which is also described as container transportation, is costly 22 times less  than air, 3.5 times less than railway, and 7 times less than road transportation. However, the alternatives within the sea transport itself can also affect the price. Criteria such as the distance to the port to be transported, partial prices, container transportation prices can change the cost. Our Oden Logistics company, which provides transportation services with containers manufactured in certain standards, can offer container options in all transportation systems. It offers solution-oriented services both with fast shipments to our country's ports and airports, and with container transportation that you want to do abroad for import and export.

Criteria Influencing Container Transportation Prices

Pricing in container transportation, which is preferred because it is more affordable, varies according to some criteria. For example, container transportation prices vary depending on your domestic or international needs, the time to arrive, the port, the weight and dimensions of the goods.
As Oden Logistics, our company provides services with all its employees by producing innovative, effective solutions that you can choose for your safe, fast and affordable shipments.
You can reach our communication channels through our website, make offers, and find answers to your questions. In the logistics sector, not only by sea transportation; We also serve our customers by road, air and rail transportation. Our logistics company, established in 1995,  is a company that plans to serve for many years with the process started with sea operations, has made it its mission to provide operational solutions with all logistics options to all points in the world.

Oden Logistics, which is one of the leading logistics companies of our country with its wide service network, offers transportation services by road, sea, air and railway at all points subject to global trade. Our other transportation services include project transportation, door-to-door transportation, and overseas customs clearance services. You can review the information bank about logistics on our website, calculate the volume from the calculation tab, and have an idea for transportation operations.

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